In an exhilarating turn of events, the USA cricket team secured a historic victory over Pakistan in the T20 Cricket World Cup. This remarkable achievement will not only help the growth of cricket in the United States but it has shone a spotlight on one of its stars, Nitish Kumar. Kumar's journey from Repton School to the international cricket stage is a testament to his dedication for the sport.

The Match That Made History

The USA's triumph over Pakistan in the T20 World Cup was a game for the ages. Against all odds, the American team showcased remarkable skill, strategy, and determination. Nitish Kumar, in particular, played a pivotal role in this victory. He scored a crucial 14-ball 14, remaining unbeaten as the scores of both teams were tied (159 each) in 40 overs of play in the match. It was important for Nitish, and his partner Aaron Jones to keep their nerves calm in the tricky run-chase and they did just what was required, proving that the USA is no longer an underdog in the cricketing world.

Nitish Kumar: From Repton School to World Cup Glory

Born in Canada to parents of Indian origin, Kumar's journey to becoming a key player in the USA cricket team began when he was selected for International junior and senior matches for Canada before moving to Repton as an overseas boarder. At Repton, Kumar honed his cricketing skills under the guidance of experienced coaches and through the school's comprehensive cricket provision.

Repton School: A Cricketing Powerhouse

Located in Derbyshire, Repton School, has a long-standing tradition of nurturing sporting talent. The school's cricket program is particularly distinguished, with state-of-the-art facilities, experienced coaching staff, and a strong emphasis on both individual and team development. In November 2023, Repton were once again named in The Cricketer’s Best Schools for Cricket Guide 2024.

Facilities and Coaching

We are fortunate at Repton, that we boast some of the finest cricket facilities in the country. The school provides pupils with access to excellent training pitches, indoor nets, and modern gym equipment. These facilities allow budding cricketers to train in all weather conditions and develop their skills throughout the year.

Repton’s Director of Cricket, Martin Speight leads a team of experienced coaches who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. They work closely with pupils to develop their technical skills, game awareness, and mental toughness, preparing them for competitive cricket at the highest levels.

Competitive Opportunities

Repton School regularly competes in prestigious cricket tournaments and fixtures against other top independent schools. These competitions provide pupils with invaluable match experience and the opportunity to test their skills against some of the best young cricketers in the country. During the 2023 season, both the U18 and U15 Girls' teams became National Champions, and current Reptonian Harry Moore became the youngest debutant in Derbyshire County Cricket Club history.