Personalised Learning | A personalised approach to learning

Personalised Learning




Personalised support for every individual’s academic progress is central to Repton’s education provision. Our commitment to going above and beyond in this support extends to housing academic staff on-site, giving pupils access to their teachers in ways and at times that would not be possible otherwise. 

Every boarding house has a team of five academic tutors who academically mentor individual year groups within that House, and who each take a night on duty in order to support focused and productive academic work in the evenings.


Repton is a Microsoft Showcase School and hence Microsoft 365 is central to our IT provision. It allows for collaborative learning via anytime, anywhere access to learning materials and ensures fluid communication between pupils and teachers. 

Our one-to-one device policy facilitates the innovative way in which Repton teachers use edtech to retain and distribute learning materials and enhances academic support for all pupils, reinforced by the use of Microsoft’s market-leading accessibility tools. 

In recent years Repton has received multiple award nominations for its use of technology, and excellence in edtech was key in our receiving the Education Business Award for Best Response to Covid.


When pupils begin their academic journey at Repton they are ‘screened’ early in their first term. For those with recognised difficulties, this is unlikely to offer any additional information but it can give an indication of progress since previous assessments. 

For pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, the Personalised Learning department offer assessments throughout an individual’s journey with the intention to establish a learning profile. The learning profile is a valuable piece of information for the pupil and members of staff as it highlights both their strengths and obstacles whilst engaging with the educational expectations. 

The Personalised Learning team will explain the profile to the pupil themselves and equip them with strategies to overcome the obstacles which are presented to them. These assessments are conducted in line with the regulations for reasonable adjustments for external exams.

Please do not hesitate to make contact should you wish to discuss additional support. Academic and social demands can be daunting for all pupils and are much more easily and happily managed with support.