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Repton is home to a vibrant creative arts scene where the disciplines of Art, Textiles, Design Technology and Music are interwoven to provide opportunities for all pupils and make use of our wide-ranging facilities. Reptonians are encouraged to undertake creative projects of their own; they have access to facilities in their free time, whether they take the subject academically or not and the departments are fully staffed throughout busy periods. 

ART department

The Art department at Repton is particular in that all the teachers are practicing artists specialising in painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, printmaking and textiles.

Our facilities include:

  • Five studio spaces
  • Light Room
  • Dark Room
  • Ceramics Studio
  • Design Studio
  • Textiles Studio
  • Two modern gallery exhibition spaces
  • State-of-the-art IT facilities including 4D printers

Our Artist in Residence scheme augments this by attracting young and emerging artists, usually fresh from their MA at the most prestigious Universities, to come to Repton and share their practice. It is designed to inject the most up-to-date developments in contemporary art into teaching and learning and demonstrate to the pupils the possibilities of a career in the arts. 

Our current Artist in Residence is Tom Voyce (2017 winner of Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year). Mr Voyce teaches our pupils alongside our full-time staff for half of each week and is encouraged to further his practice in the studio provided for the other half, presenting this work to pupils and exhibiting it in our two School Galleries during his tenure.


The Repton Fashion Show is a biennial showcase of fashion designed and made entirely by our pupil body. There are no limits to what our talented young people produce: from millinery to leatherwork, classic eveningwear to futuristic and abstract pieces. Pupils also model the pieces and produce the show, including the soundtracks, lighting and staging.  

The runway in our 400 Hall comes alive with incredible talent and is a hub for creative minds where boundless creativity is unleashed. The Fashion Show draws on talent from the pupil body across all age groups and disciplines, with the Textiles, Drama, Art and Music departments all involved from concept to show. 

The event is also a fundraising initiative with proceeds from ticket sales donated to charity. 


The School magazine, The Reptonian, is published at the end of each academic year and is a chronicle of the year, reviewing sport, music, drama, annual events, featuring opinion pieces, topical issues and celebrations of success. 

The Reptonian is a consummate training ground for budding journalists, talented writers and keen investigative minds. It serves as an outlet for pupils’ creativity and contains a range of original features, photography and artwork. 

A Sixth Form editorial team commissions, approves and edits content; however, the opportunity to contribute to the magazine is open to the entire school community.