Repton's Director of Cricket Chris Read, who is currently travelling as a wicket keeping consultant with the England Cricket Team on their tour of India whilst continuing to support Reptonian's with cricket coaching ahead of the much-anticipated summer season, was interviewed this week for The Times. 

His expertise was called upon to comment on the unique day night conditions more suited to swing bowlers, James Anderson and Stuart Broad. However, the poor pitch conditions meant the game will go down in history for all the wrong reasons, as it finished in under two days. 

Mr Read has been mentoring Ben Foalkes; his comments about the England wicketkeeper, who he compared to legendary players Alan Knott and Jack Russell, provide insight into what it takes to secure a place on the England Team - perhaps providing some pointers for some of Repton's talented young players: “His main attributes are that he has such a strong base, such great posture that allows him to move very fast. Physically he is exceptionally fit, strong and agile and...what makes him catch so well is he gets his hands out in front of him which allows your arms to move freely. And they move even more freely because of his lack of tension in his upper body. He stays very relaxed and that allows him to move so fast.”