For eight years, Repton School has maintained a relationship with Toyota Nishi School, a specialist science school in Japan.

Following the restrictions put into place throughout the pandemic, this year the Repton and Toyota Nishi pupils came together to enjoy a virtual conference, taking place over Teams.

Our pupils listened to presentations from Toyota Nishi pupils covering topics such as daily life at their school, global warming research they have completed over the last year and various other STEM projects they have been working on. 

Following this, our Repton pupils showcased their latest achievements in Greenpower racing, with a focus on the new workshop in the Science Priory, STEM award successes such as the Shell Bright Ideas competition, and an overview of Repton life.

The annual conferences have been an overwhelmingly positive experience for all of the pupils involved, allowing them to gain insights into a different culture and way of learning, as well as gaining inspiration from each others' scientific endeavours. 

They are an example of just one of the many ways that Repton's award-winning STEM programme aspires to create an innovative, diverse and enriching experience for our pupils. 

We look forward to continuing our connection with Toyota Nishi School, with hopes for inviting them back to Repton for a face-to-face visit in 2024.

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