Having graduated from Huddersfield University, Masterchef 2022 finalist Radha Kaushal-Bolland (G, '11) took the leap to follow her passion and retrained as a private chef.  

She said:

"At an early age I started watching cookery shows with my family and when I watched the chefs cook on the TV I would feel the adrenaline rush and a pure passion for the creativity and uniqueness of the food which was being presented. I have always been creative and have had a love for trying new foods, so this career change made sense."

During her time at Repton, Radha was a C.B.Fry Scholar demonstrating her diverse talents, which included an aptitude for drama and music as well as academia and at University she was on the Dean's List for Meritorious Performance 2017. 

She gave up her career with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and spent lockdown honing her cookery skills to establish her own business as a private chef.

Radha said:

“Repton has provided me with the confidence and shaped me into the person that I am today”.