At the start of November, with Winter Timetable, UCAS applications and worsening weather taking their toll on morale, Repton’s Drama Department (ably led by Mr. Cooper-Richards and Mrs. Whitfield) offered up the 3-night panacea that was the School’s production of ‘Frankenstein’.

I attended the first evening, unsure of what to expect, and I was absolutely blown away by the performance. The sets and makeup were fantastic – we all couldn’t believe how our classmates had been transformed (bald caps and all) and it was brilliant to see the full use of the 400 Hall’s various bells and whistles, including sparks and rain. The special effects really did augment what was already a strong show.

Despite its fairly heavy source material, there were several funny moments throughout the play that elicited laughs from the audience, a testament to the skill of the actors in handling changes to the tone. The dramatic elements that formed the majority of the play were carried out fantastically well, with all actors rising to the level required to do them justice (including some extremely powerful scenes in which the tension and emotion was frankly palpable).

The quality of the entire company was definitely the jewel in the production’s crown, with Reims Wright and Joseph Reid often singled out for praise afterwards for the sheer maturity and high standard of their performances. Throughout the show, there was a real sense that all on stage, from the major to the minor roles, were taking their parts seriously and doing them to the best of their ability, making for all the more enjoyable a performance.

Most importantly, however, it was lovely to see various year groups and houses come together to produce something truly special. Many of those on stage had never before done a Repton show and we are so proud of what they achieved, especially the younger ones, who really rose to the task. I can only begin to imagine the camaraderie and teamwork that must have been required to pull it off and I think it bodes very well indeed for the future of Repton Drama (it has certainly set a high bar!).

After a hiatus of more than 18 months, it is difficult to overestimate how great it felt to be back watching a performance in the 400 Hall, especially one so completely engrossing. I’d like to give a huge thank you to all involved – actors, staff and stage crew – for putting on such a great show for us and we’ll be sure to be back soon to be ‘rocked’ by what you have in store for us next…

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