After several long years of enforced absence due to the pandemic, it was a real delight over the Exeat weekend to be able to travel to ‘glorious’ Goodwood in West Sussex with a wonderful group of eager Greenpower engineers and aspiring racing car drivers from Repton Prep.

They were accompanied by the senior school Design Scholars Jacob and Chloe, who provided some much needed experience and insight gained from their time at Repton Prep. Mr Bowles and Mr Chapman helped to guide and encourage the two teams of pupils through a practice session and two long races where both teams worked together, learnt quickly and demonstrated genuine ingenuity and resilience, posting some very competitive lap times, especially in the second race of the day. There were a few hiccups and the occasional crash along the way, and much credit should go to Mr Bowles and Mr Chapman who managed to rebuild the front end of FR7 after an accident during the first race, just in time for the start of the second race! Both teams really enjoyed the whole experience of racing around the famous Goodwood track, and are really looking forward to the next event, building on the strong start they have made to the season.

The resurgence of Greenpower at Repton Prep is well-timed and coincides with a new Greenpower initiative at Repton senior school, where over 30 pupils have signed up to build a new workshop and kit car, as well as designing and developing a bespoke F24+ car that will be raced by our Sixth Formers. Building on the strong foundations forged at Repton Prep, we are keen to continue the passion our pupils have developed for engineering, design, and team-work, and can’t wait for our first car to roll off the production line.

The purpose of Greenpower is to challenge young people enthusiastic about science and engineering to design, build and race electric cars which can be raced at motorsport venues around the country. The Greenpower challenge uses the excitement of motorsport to inspire young people to excel in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), with over 700 teams throughout the UK and more than 10,000 students taking part each year, from primary school age through to university.

With Repton School being shortlisted this week for the STEM Award in the 2022 Education Business Awards, in recognition of schools that have 'excelled in the provision of a first-class environment for teaching STEM subjects including Maths, Technology and Sciences', the future of STEM and engineering at Repton School has never been brighter!

Dr Stuart Ingleston-Orme
Head of Science