Repton’s Chapel Choir were privileged to return to St Paul’s Cathedral this week to perform Choral Evensong for the third time in recent years.

The choir, who were also invited to perform in Derby Cathedral last week, were honoured to offer the congregation some tricky music by Ben Parry (The 'Solihull' Service) as well as Ireland's majestic anthem 'Greater Love' which concluded the service.

Choral evensong is a centuries old daily service which brings together words and music – it provides an opportunity for people to take a moment to pause from their busy lives and reconnect with their spiritual lives whatever they believe. There was immense support for the pupils with many parents, Old Reptonians and staff travelling to watch the heart-warming performance in one of London’s most historic and recognisable sights.

Repton’s Director of Music, Mr Oliver Walker, praised the pupils for their hard work and dedication in the run-up to the performance: “The choir enjoyed exploring the Cathedral's treasures and were (almost literally) blown away by the enormous acoustic as well as the sound of the organ. Congratulations to the solos, Izzi and Piers, but also to Mr Owens for playing so brilliantly. We look forward to next time!”

Music is integral to daily life at Repton and we never underestimate the power it has to sooth, educate, entertain, heal or express what can be difficult to communicate through spoken or written language. Reptonians are encouraged to build the skills of performance, composition and listening that are required in musicians but are also valuable transferable skills. Complementing the work of the academic Music department at Repton are a varied range of music societies, professional concerts, singing competitions, inspirational masterclasses and performance opportunities.