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The Master of Scholars meets individually with all Academic Scholars to offer support with study skills, time management and other pressures and challenges beyond the academic sphere. With the Master of Scholars, pupils can explore and identify their academic and vocational aspirations and will be guided in fulfilling their potential, honing a strong CV and expanding their horizons. 

Pupils in B to O Block are in sets for core subjects so that all individuals can be enriched to their full abilities. There is an inclusive academic enrichment programme and pupils are encouraged to participate in external opportunities such as Arkwright Scholarships, Science and Maths Olympiads and essay competitions to further extend their experience and knowledge. 


“Repton sits comfortably among the top co-educational boarding schools for academic achievement and shines particularly brightly in terms of value added.”

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All Academic Scholars in the Lower School are automatically members of Temple Society, other pupils may be invited to join the Society as they progress through the School. Temple Society forms part of the provision for Gifted and Talented pupils, which includes personalised academic and pastoral support and help with time management and ensuring that each pupil fulfils his or her aspirations. Each year group has its own Temple Society, and each cohort in the Society meets once a month to discuss papers delivered by both members of staff and pupils. In this, pupils’ research and presentation skills are honed, and their horizons and perspectives are extended and challenged. Notable recent discussions have included: What are the most important inventions in human history? The Question of Evil; What do Art and Poetry tell us about the Human Condition?; Semiotics; How has Technology Changed the Human Experience?; An Introduction to Economics.


Academic Scholars in the Lower Sixth are invited to apply for membership of the Ramsey Society. The Society aims to expand the horizons and challenge the perceptions and understanding of academic high-flyers in the Sixth Form. It is designed to hone their skills in constructing and presenting extended papers and to help them to respond to ideas presented to them in university interviews and seminars. Pupils present papers to groups of 10-15 of their peers in the Society, which lead to discussion by the group; recent examples include Is Democracy really the best form of Government?; Theistic Darwinism; Misogyny in the Depiction of Disney Princesses; the Nature of Time; AI in Medical Science; Memory and Identity; Sportswashing; What do we mean when we talk of “Justice”?; Electronic Vehicles and Climate Change; The Ethics of Genetic Engineering; and Patriarchy in Genesis.



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