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The many clubs and branches that form The Old Reptonian Society reflect the varied and vibrant life that our community experiences as part of a Repton education. They offer ORs the opportunity to enjoy social gatherings, stay in touch, network and in some cases embark on new endeavours within the welcoming and familiar Repton community. As we move forward, we are looking to increase awareness of the many opportunities available to get involved with the OR Society.

If you are interested in setting up a new branch of The OR Society please contact Nicola Milward or Trinity Coupland - Smith, initially via email. 



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OR Football Club
The Old Reptonian Football Club was formed in 1925 in an attempt to gather players together for training sessions. Competing in both the Arthurian League in London and the prestigious Arthur Dunn Cup, the team have been very successful since the branch’s inception, most notably their Arthur Dunn Cup win for the 2021/22 season.

Training takes place down in London. To stay up to date with the club’s fixtures and results, follow their Twitter account (@oldreptonianfc) and Instagram (@old_reptonianfc). If you’d like to play for the club or be added to the mailing list to read the match reports then please email. They are always looking for new players and can promise a great time both on and off the pitch.
Repton Pilgrims Cricket Club
Repton has a long and proud cricket history, numbering 154 first-class players among its pupils past and present, a line dating from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century. Eleven old boys have played Test cricket including C.B. Fry, Richard Hutton, Donald Carr and Chris Adams former captain of Sussex C.C.C., three have captained England and there are currently four Old Reptonians involved with professional cricket in England.

The Pilgrims run an annual ‘Cricket Week’ at Repton School during the summer and play annually in the prestigious Cricketer Cup.

For more information on the Repton Pilgrims Cricket Club, please contact Tom Poynton.
OR Golfing Society
From the society’s inception in July 1924, the aim of the Society was clearly stated: “To arrange matches and competitions for ALL its members, not merely to collect a representative team for inter-school tournaments, and the longer handicap player will be as welcome as the scratch or plus performer.” These aims have passed the test of time and remain as relevant today as they did then.

Competing in competitions throughout the year such as the Halford Hewitt, Grafton Morrish, Queen Elizabeth Coronation Salvers Trophy, The Bernard Darwin Trophy and the Silver Tassie competition.

The Society is in excellent shape with over 300 members and prides itself on providing financial support to those younger members representing the society at the Halford Hewitt and other scratch events. The Society's aims have not changed from the outset and still include arranging matches and competitions for ALL its members irrespective of handicap, with all ORs welcome.

For all enquiries about the OR Golfing Society, please contact Antony Bishop.
OR Eton Fives Club (OREFC)
The game of Fives at Repton has been played for at least 175 years and in 1924, it was unanimously decided to form an OR Eton Fives Club, to be affiliated with the Eton Fives Association. Fast forward to today and the recent restoration of the 12 Fives Courts at Repton has created an outstanding facility which will enable Fives to flourish once more at Repton.

The creation of a club for Old Reptonians, amongst whom enthusiasm for the game has remained strong, will see opportunities for all generations within the Repton family to enjoy these facilities, widen participation through regional and national tournaments, and help to secure the long-term future of this marvellous game.

To find out more information about the OREFC, please contact Repton’s Master in Charge of Fives and OR, David Exley.
OR Tennis Society
In addition to several annual fixtures and the recent creation of Repton Rackets Club which provides OR’s the opportunity to represent Repton Tennis Club in national and regional leagues and knock-out competitions, the OR Tennis Society play annually in the Public School’s annual alumni competition, the D’Abernon Cup. Having seen a continued growth of ORs representing the club in recent years, they have achieved great success, resulting in the Old Reptonians competing in the Final of the D’Abernon Cup every year between 2014 and the most recent event in 2019 winning four of the six occasions including the most recently where they were victorious against Old Reedonians 5-4 in a thrilling final at Queens Club in London.

For more information on how to join the OR Tennis Society, please contact Jamie Muirhead.
OR Netball Club
The teams train and compete in Balham and Clapham in London. If you are interested in joining, then please get in touch with Daisy Heath-Abbott.
OR Society Women’s
This branch of the OR Society promotes mentorship and professional development within the OR community and is an opportunity for female ORs, Governors and staff to collaborate, share experiences, swap ideas and gain insights from inspirational speakers. Primarily established to support professional development, this is a platform to celebrate women at Repton.

The whole Repton community is active in driving change so that women of all ages are safe and supported. Repton is committed to developing meaningful action in support of equality in all realms of society, with the Women’s Leadership Forum offering a practical outlet for raising discussion and highlighting opportunities for progression and development both professionally and personally.

For more information, please contact the OR Office.
OR LGBTQ+ Branch
If you have an interest and want to support our LGBTQ+ ORs come and join us. We welcome ORs of all ages, whether they are LGBTQ+ or an ally. Joining this circle ensures that: Your voice is heard, and you have the support of the community to help you discuss and raise awareness. You can reconnect with old friends and have the opportunity to make new friends and contacts. Share ideas on how to support the school and the pupils. Provides the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of activities and events held locally, regionally and nationally throughout the year. Everyone is welcome.

Please contact Charles Haydn-Slater for more information.




For more information on all of the OR branches, follow the link below or contact the OR Society Office.