Weekends at Repton

As a full boarding school, the weekends are an integral part of our programme and we have a full range of activities throughout Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday morning is part of our academic timetable and all pupils have five lessons. After lunch, just as on Tuesday and Thursday, academic tools are traded for sports equipment and time is devoted to inter-school fixtures. For those who aren’t competing there are always plenty of other sporting activities taking place and all the other facilities of the School are open – the Music and Art Schools, Design Technology, Cattley School (IT Centre), Library and, of course, The Grubber (the School tuck-shop).

Saturday nights in Repton see regular ‘Socials’, for either juniors or seniors and ranging from discos to formal balls. The Social year begins with two ‘Icebreakers’ and continues with Mexican nights, beach parties (minus the beach), fairground rides, Christmas and Easter balls, all featuring refreshment, entertainment and music. On other nights the JCR is open for the whole of the Sixth Form to socialise together, and there are also House events, such as barn dances and formal dinners. If a quieter night is craved, the House Common Rooms provide perfect locations to curl up with a good film and a takeaway.

The structure and pace of Sunday is rather different, providing a welcome change in routine and a chance to recuperate from the rigours of the week. There is a relaxed start to the day in the Houses, with a more leisurely breakfast, and then all boarders and day pupils from the village attend a Chapel service. The choice of activities is then up to the individual. While some pupils will meet parents for lunch, within school there are often House matches and again the various school facilities are open. Many pupils enjoy a less structured day to relax or catch up on work, but there is always an organised trip to consider – the Sunday Leisure Option (SLOPs) – favourites include paintballing, shopping, cinema trips, clay pigeon shooting, indoor climbing and a host of on-site activities such as mixed rounders and barbecues.

We also recognise that individuals may value some time outside Repton; for family events, to catch up with other friends, or simply to enjoy 24 hours at home. Each boarder has two Saturday and Sunday nights per term which can be taken outside School by prior arrangement. These Privilege Weekends can be taken at any time, provided that they do not clash with a School commitment and begin after any obligations. Pupils may also go out of School after Chapel on any Sunday to have lunch with parents and may remain out of School until 9.00 pm.

Our programme ensures that pupils always have plenty to do throughout the weekend and they are encouraged to make the most of that time.

Life in a Boarding House