The Mitre Gallery
Sale of Work & Dress to Impress 2017 

The Mitre Lent 2018 Gallery

The Mitre Summer 2018 Gallery Last Days of Summer 2018
The Mitre Lent 2017 Gallery  The Mitre Summer 2017 Gallery Last Days of Summer Term The Mitre Michaelmas 2017 Gallery
The Mitre Michaelmas 2016 Gallery  Sale of Work 2016 Christmas Festivities 2016 Indoor House Hockey 2016 
The Mitre Summer 2016 Gallery  Sixth Form Invitational Dinner Last Days of Summer 2016 
Steeplechase 2016 National Hockey Finals 2016 Russell Cup and Barnes Squad 2016 Come Dine With Me 2015-16
House Netball Competition Lent 2016 The Mitre Lent 2016 Gallery Christmas Festivities 2015  The Mitre Michaelmas 2015 Gallery
The Mitre Summer 2015 Gallery The Mitre Lent 2015 Gallery Sale of Work 2014  Come Dine With Me 2014-15
The Mitre Michaelmas 2014 Gallery Last Days of Summer Term 2014 The Mitre Summer 2014 Gallery The Mitre Lent 2014 Gallery
Christmas Festivities 2013 Junior Social 2013

Sale of Work 2013/14

Mitre Michaelmas 2013 Gallery
The Mitre Lent 2013 Gallery The Mitre Summer 2013 Gallery Mitre 10th Anniversary Last days of Summer term 2013
The Mitre Michaelmas 2012 Gallery Christmas Festivities 2012 
Sale of Work 2012  Come Dine With Me 2012/13
Dress to Impress 2012
 The Mitre Summer 2012 Gallery Sixth Form Invitation Dinner - A Day at the Races Last Days of the Summer Term
The Mitre Lent 2012 Gallery Come Dine With Me Mitre Christmas 2011 The Mitre Michaelmas 2011 Gallery
Sale of Work and 'Wear what you dare' 2011 Fashion Show 2011 Last Days of the Summer Term 2011 The Mitre 'Race for Life' 2011
The Mitre Sixth Form Invitation Dinner 2011 The Mitre Summer 2011 Gallery The Mitre Lent 2011 Gallery Senior Social Christmas Ball 2010 Gallery
The Mitre Sale of Work 2010 Gallery The Mitre Michaelmas 2010 Gallery The Mitre Summer 2010 Gallery The Mitre Lent 2010 Gallery
The Mitre Michaelmas 2009 Gallery The Mitre 2008/2009 Gallery
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