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The Garden

The Garden

The Garden was designed specifically as a girls house in 1993, and therefore has a very modern feel about it. The relaxed, friendly atmosphere encourages a very loyal and bonding house spirit that can be found in all aspects of the house in all year groups. This leads naturally into sporting successes and positions of responsibility that Garden girls achieve within the school. The younger years are influenced by the consistently high standard set by sixth form within the house, aspiring to follow in their footsteps. That each girl should achieve her very best academically is expected not only from the houseparents and tutors, but from the girls themselves. Former Garden girls return every year, whether it is to our famous cabaret dinner or simply to pop in for tea and a chat to let us know how well they are doing at university, but also to let us know how much their time in the house has meant to them. What is perhaps most special about the Garden girls is their passion for life and full involvement in all things Reptonian, but also their care for each other. New B Blockers always comment on how wonderful it is to have so many big sisters looking out for them. 


House Parents

Mrs Jane Mitchell BA 

Jane Mitchell, Housemistress of The Garden, joined the staff from Christ’s Hospital, West Sussex in August 2008 where she was Assistant Housemistress for 3 years, taught French and German and coached Girls' Tennis. Here she teaches French and German, but also speaks Spanish and coaches the U15 A tennis squad. Jane’s main interests revolve around travelling, training her dog Daisy, playing tennis,  photography and fundraising. Her husband Matt, who teaches ICT within the school, takes on a fully supportive role in The Garden. They have two children; Joel, a keen sportsman is now in the Lower Sixth at Repton and Zoë is at Trent College. The whole family get involved in Garden events and their Cabaret fund-raising dinners are becoming legendary with Matt leading the band on guitar!