Sunday Leisure?

Sunday Leisure?

A brilliant day was had by over twenty boys and one brave girl at Wildpark Leisure Paintball Centre. Nine games were played in good, November, winter sunshine; and to add to the fun it had rained for the previous week. Puddles had turned into lakes and streams into raging torrents. All great for hard-core Paintball action. And there was time to warm up at lunch over baked potatoes and stew.

Oranges beat Greens (consisting mostly of School House boys) eventually, with one Latham boy actually swimming five yards to a tower in order to place a bomb. Despite one teacher's best efforts, single-handedly winning three flags and pulling a hamstring, Greens eventually conceded defeat in the last game, Suicide Alley. 

As a special concession to Repton, smoke bombs and paint grenades were on sale and the pupils certainly took advantage of it. With comments on the bus of, 'Best day I've had all year' and 'That was utterly amazing' and 'When's the next one sir?', it was clearly worth the money!

It's also fantastic to hear that the staff at Wildpark Leisure love having us there as we play so hard but so fair. A genuine tribute to the pupils of Repton.

The next one is January 27th by the way. Pupils - start forming an orderly queue!