Sixth Form Scholarships

Application forms and more information for our Sixth Form Scholarships can be obtained from the Registrar.

Some Sixth Form scholarships are specifically for candidates from the maintained sector and the value of any award may be increased where need is shown.

  • Academic
  • Sport
  • Music
  • Art
  • DT
  • John Port

Examinations for entry to the Sixth Form in 2018 will take place on Monday 5 November 2018



Candidates are expected to take written papers in three of their intended AS subjects.
Scholarship papers are available in English, History, Geography, Ethical & Religious Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Economics, French, German, Spanish and Latin. The time allowed for all papers is 45 minutes. The use of a calculator is permitted for the Mathematics and Science papers, dictionaries, though, are not allowed in the language papers.

It is anticipated that candidates will normally select papers from the subjects being studied to GCSE and it is hoped that the test papers will be accessible to all candidates, irrespective of the syllabus being followed.


Sport Scholarships

The assessments for the September 2018 intake will take place on Tuesday 6 November 2018.

Sports Awards (Scholarships and Exhibitions) are awarded at 16+ to pupils of exceptional talent. Awards are made to pupils who we believe will be able to make a significant contribution to our senior first teams. It is, therefore, likely that recipients of any major award will have played or, have the potential to play, their principal game not only at county but also at regional or national level. Please note, it is likely that such awards would normally be made in the major sports of football, hockey, netball, tennis and cricket. 

Our Scholarships are reserved for the most able of performers, and we expect that any recipients will be the leading games players at Repton, making an outstanding contribution to the success of sport at Repton.

Sports Exhibitions are awarded to those who it is felt will be at the forefront of one or more of our major games, or to those who will make a strong contribution to Repton’s sport across a number of fields.

Practical assessments will be conducted by the Head of the particular sport or sports concerned and there will be an interview with the Director of Sport.

If your child is performing at a high level in a sport such as athletics or swimming then do please contact us for further discussions.



The examination will take place in the Music School at Repton and will last approximately 40 minutes. Candidates will also have a short interview with the Director of Music and a general interview with the Headmaster or another member of the Senior Management Team.

Candidates are asked to perform two contrasting pieces on their principal instrument, which may include voice, which should be of at least Grade VII standard. It is important that the pieces chosen reveal the candidate’s musical ability and potential. An experienced accompanist will be available, but candidates may bring their own if they prefer. Ability on a second instrument (or voice) is usual but not mandatory. The candidate should prepare two pieces for each of their subsidiary instruments, although they may not both be heard. We are also interested to see any compositions or special musical projects they may be working on. In selecting music it is worth bearing in mind that a virtuoso, flashy piece is not always the best way for a candidate to display their skill. 
It is better to choose music which allows them to show their technique and developing musicianship in equal partnership. 

In addition, each candidate will be given sight-reading tests and a short series of aural tests. Candidates are judged above all for their musicality and potential, and for this reason the results of the sight-reading and aural tests are also important. They will be asked about their musical interests and experience in the informal discussion with the members of the Music Department. As a condition of any music award all music award holders are required to sing in the Chapel Choir and play in any ensembles as required by the Director of Music throughout their time at Repton.



Candidates should bring a portfolio of their work (it need not be mounted) and photographs of any three dimensional work which is too difficult to transport. Candidates should be prepared to talk about their portfolio in interview with the Director of Art.

Design Technology

Candidates should bring a portfolio of their work (it need not be mounted) and photographs of any three dimensional work which is too difficult to transport.

Candidates should be prepared to talk about their portfolio in an interview with the Head of Design & Technology.

For further information on D & T Awards at Repton, or to discuss an application, please contact the Head of D & T, Mr Ian Setterington on

John Port Scholarships

In recognition of Sir John Port being the founding benefactor of both John Port School and Repton School, one or more scholarships may be offered each year to pupils entering Repton Sixth Form from John Port School. The value of these awards will be determined on a means-tested basis. The assessment is the same as it is for the Academic Scholarship. A John Port Scholarship is a prestigious award and a successful candidate is likely to be very strong academically and be able to make a strong contribution to another aspect of the extracurricular life of the school.