Scholarship Programme

Individual Support of Scholars

Scholarship at Repton is not a hurdle to overcome, or a target for the end of Year 8, but five years of opportunities for endeavour, enrichment, and developing a love for learning. 

The Master of Scholars meets individually with all Academic Scholars, and all those on the Gifted and Talented Register, to offer both pastoral and academic support with:
  • Time-management
  • Study-skills
  • Other pressures/challenges
  • Academic and vocational aspirations: identifying Scholars’ areas of interest, alerting Scholars to the opportunities available to them, helping them to expand their horizons and fulfil their potential, ensuring that their CVs are strong and exposing them to their academic competition.

Temple (B Block to O Block) and Ramsey Societies (Sixth Form)

Each Year Group meets once a month to discuss a paper, delivered either by a peer or a teacher.
Recent papers have included:

  • Discussions of what has been the most transformative invention in history
  • Pupils presenting and discussing their favourite piece of art or poem
  • Human Nature and Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Is Theistic Darwinism possible?
  • Particle Physics
  • What is Art?
  • Paradise Lost and the definition of Evil
  • The Future of the NHS
  • To what extent should governments compromise human rights to protect society from terrorism?

External Courses and Lecture and Study Days

Cambridge University Subject Masterclasses in:

  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Genetics
  • Engineering 
  • Chemistry
  • Psychology

Cambridge University’s Isaac Physics project

Birmingham and Aston Universities' Study Days in:

  • Physics
  • Law 
  • Engineering
  • Social Sciences

Nottingham University’s Residential Summer Schools in Modern Foreign Languages

Villiers Park’s Residential Inspiring Excellence Programme in:

  • Neuroscience
  • Astrophysics
  • Latin American Culture
  • PPE
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Shakespeare

Exscitec Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Summer Schools

Academy Philosophy Conferences


External Essay Competitions 

Essay competitions broaden horizons, demonstrate commitment, hone skills, and give pupils material to discuss at university interviews, such as:

  • Peterhouse, Cambridge: Medicine, Science, History
  • Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge:   Architecture, Classics, Geography, Economics
  • Corpus Christi College, Cambridge: Medicine, Psychology, English, Biology, Computer Science
  • Christ Church, Oxford: The Tower Poetry Prize
  • Oxford University: Spanish Short StoriesRe-writing the end of a classic French film, The Oxford Medical Gazette’s Essay Competition
  • Sheffield University’s Kroto Prize for an educational video on a scientific topic
  • The Royal Geographical Society’s Young Geographer of the Year
  • The Royal Economic Society’s Young Economist Essay Prize
  • The European Union’s pan-European Iuvenes Translatores translation competition

Needless to say, the Master of Scholars offers support with all of these, or arranges specialist support from colleagues in the relevant subject.


Individual and group projects

  • Individual and group projects offer Scholars experience in research, giving presentations and leadership:
  • Two Lower Sixth pupils take part every year on the Lessons from Auschwitz project.
  • Up to four Lower Sixth pupils attend the McWhirter Conferences in Oxford and Cambridge, exploring the future of British, European and Global Politics and Economics.
  • A team of O Block Scholars this year curated a series of Holocaust Memorial Day Exhibitions

A fortnightly e-mail Bulletin advertises all these opportunities to Scholars, and also alerts them to:

  • Academic news articles and websites 
  • Relevant podcasts
  • Academic Society Meetings
  • Visiting Speakers
  • Opportunities for academic extension