Repton Experience Days

Repton is now offering Year 6 pupils a taste of what a normal school day is like at senior school. Pupils will take part in English, Maths, Science and Art lessons, all of which will be tailored to Year 6 pupils but taught by our GCSE and A Level teachers.

In addition, there will be a chance to visit the famous Grubber, have lunch in a Boarding House and participate in sports activities.

Prospective pupils will have an interview with a senior member of staff and a tour of the school with some current pupils. The aim of the day is to provide an experience of what life at a senior school is like and to gain a real flavour of the daily life here at Repton.

If parents are concerned about making a choice between an 11+ School and a 13+ School then this is a useful point of comparison. Furthermore, if you are concerned about entry requirements we are happy to discuss the individual child with their current school and request the appropriate academic data that would help us to advise on the likely outcome of 13+ Entrance examinations.

The next Repton Experience Day is on Thursday 8th March 2018. To reserve a place for your child please contact the Registrar by telephone (01283 559222) or email (