The Repton Physics department currently consists of four specialist Physics teachers delivering all levels of Physics up to A level and Oxbridge. Teaching staff are ably supported by a highly experienced technician, Mr W.D. Snider.
The department is located in the state of the art Science Priory building, with three dedicated Physics labs that were designed specifically for the needs of the subject. Practical work is integral to the delivery of Physics at Repton and we often use the open spaces of the Science Priory to deliver this.

The department provides a vast array of experiences for Reptonians to extend their knowledge beyond the curriculum. Visiting lecturers have come to speak on topics such as the search for dark energy and trips have taken place to Warwick University, the national space centre and in Easter 2017 a group of A level pupils visited the particle physics research centre CERN in Geneva. In March 2017 a state of the art observatory was installed on the roof of the Science Priory allowing pupils a chance to gain an introduction to Astronomy.

At GCSE the AQA Physics course is offered as well as the AQA Science and Additional Science courses, taught in collaboration with Chemistry and Biology. In the Sixth Form the pupils study the AQA (linear) A level. It is not necessary to have followed a specific GCSE course as a pre-requisite, but a good grounding will be expected. Pupils should ideally hold at least a grade A in Physics or Science and Additional Science, along with a grade A in Mathematics at GCSE.

Mr Martin Hunt, Head of Physics

Martin Hunt studied Physics at University College London. After completing his PGCE he taught at schools in London and New Zealand. He joined Repton in 2012 and was appointed as Head of Department in 2015. He has a keen interest in all areas of Physics but has a particular passion for Cosmology.