Other Sports

In addition to the main sports of the term, many other sports and activities are available to Reptonians, sometimes initiated by an individual pupil or group of students with a particular passion. We are keen to encourage and foster pupils’ enthusiasms for any sport. Activities currently include:

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Repton has a long and distinguished history in athletics, with our most notable athlete being C.B. Fry who, in 1893, held the world long jump record.

Athletics is offered as a full time sports option throughout the Summer Term. Training is divided between participation and performance groups allowing those students who are less familiar to experience a full range of events should they wish, whilst offering those competing athletes the chance to refine their skills. Whilst the athletes predominately train on grass they are able to make use of local tracks in the area on a weekly basis.

Athletes train four times per week in preparation for a Saturday meet with the sessions being delivered by four specialist coaches, including two external coaches. As with all the sports offered here at Repton, the students also have the opportunity to compete in Inter House events which include the fiercely contested Kropacsy Relays which are a collection of races unique to Repton and run in memory of former Lathamite and Reptonian, James Kropacsy.  As well as house and school competitions, athletes also have the opportunity to compete at the DSSA County Championships. Reptonians have an excellent record at this event with a number of athletes having gone on to to represent the school and region at national finals. 

Riccardo De Rosa
Master i/c Athletics

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There are plenty of opportunities for both boys and girls to play basketball at Repton. There are currently two boys’ teams, one for Sixth Formers and very able juniors and one for the U16s. There are two weekly two-hour training sessions, the first hour of which is spent performing specific drills, the second playing competitive games. Matches mainly take place at weekends and the opposition takes the form of both recognised clubs and other schools. The U18 side regularly plays in the English Basketball League, organised by the English Schools’ Basketball Association. Both senior and junior inter-house competitions take place in the Michaelmas Term and girls’ inter-house matches during the Lent Term.

Basketball sessions and matches are overseen by professional coach Keith Morant. In addition to his commitment to Repton, Keith trains with and coaches the Burton Tornado Basketball Club. Friendly matches between Repton and Burton therefore take place on a regular basis.

In the past Repton pupils have had the opportunity to qualify officially as referees. Successful participants often progress to referee School and House matches.

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Cross Country

Cross Country has been steadily building in popularity and success over the past five years, with a number of runners qualifying each year to represent Derbyshire in the England Schools Cross Country Championships. As a sports option it runs during both Michaelmas and Lent terms, with Lent the key term for matches and the culmination of the term in the House Steeplechase.

It is not always necessary to attend training sessions in order to represent the School at Cross Country, and it can often be an excellent addition to training in other areas.
The Steeplechase event is the annual Repton inter-House cross country race held at the end of Lent. Team and individual trophies are awarded at senior and junior levels for both boys and girls, and the spectacle is not to be missed, particularly the starts and “the race for the gate”!
Race distances and training distances can also count towards The Parker 100, an optional endurance challenge which requires a pupil to run 100 miles during the Lent Term, after which a commemorative tie or badge is awarded. This is open to all and celebrates the life of Repton teacher and former Master-in-Charge of Cross Country, Chris Parker.

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Girls' Football

Girls’ football at Repton has really grown in popularity over recent years and the teams compete to a high standard in regional and national competitions. With growing popularity, it has been pleasing to see the formation of a B team, to give beginners as well as experienced players, the chance to enjoy the sport.

The sport is predominantly run in the Lent Term as an option for senior pupils, although a number of junior girls also play, around the major games. It does however span into all three terms, with national competitions starting in Michaelmas and junior tournaments running in the Summer Term. House football is a popular and keenly contested event, that takes place in the Summer Term.

Repton has been very successful in recent years, winning the competitive ISFA Midlands league for the last three years. In national competitions, we regularly reach semi-final and finals of both the ISFA National 7’s and the ISFA under 18 cup and indeed have won both competitions in recent times. A number of girls have also represented the school at regional and national level, as part of the ISFA representative teams.

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Golf is a flourishing activity at Repton with between twelve and twenty pupils playing every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the summer term at a variety of local courses, including Horsley Lodge, Breadsall Priory, Broughton Heath, Little Aston and Morley Hayes. Activity sessions continue throughout the year at Branston GC. In addition, there are matches against the Old Reptonians , matches against other schools, house competitions for boys and girls and other events: these include the ISGA School Matchplay, ISGA Schools Cup, ISGA HG Trophy and the HMC Foursomes. We are this year running a two-day training event at the beginning of the Michaelmas term. For more information contact Russell Embery rge@repton.org.uk .

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Horse riding is offered as part of the activities programme on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. It is currently provided by Hargate Equestrian Centre in Hilton. Lessons are supervised by suitably qualified instructors, using horses provided by the riding school. Lessons are usually taught in either the indoor or the outdoor school, although hacking does take place in the summer term. Jumping may be part of the tuition, although pupils are encouraged to ride well within their abilities. Pupils will also be expected to work with horses on the ground, for example untacking them in their stable after a ride. Guidance on how to do this safely will be given by the Hargate staff and there will be an adult presence around the yard at all times.

All pupils must wear an approved helmet, suitable clothing and boots with a small heel. Body protectors are compulsory for jumping and can be loaned from the riding school. Since the activity is provided by a third party, it is the subject of a separate parental consent agreement.

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Repton is unusual in playing Rugby in the Lent term, where Rugby is offered as an alternative to the major sport Hockey. One Senior team represents the school, the Senior XV being for O Block and the Sixth Form.

We play teams who have been playing Rugby for the previous term before, so the learning curve is steep in the first few weeks of term. However a strong work ethic and focus on fitness has led to some encouraging results over the last few years.

The 1st XV have a full fixture list through the Lent term, playing games each week. We play smaller Rugby playing Schools such as Oswestry and Wolverhampton Grammar, schools who also play Football in the Michaelmas term such as Shrewsbury, as well as development teams from more traditional Rugby schools such as Welbeck Defence College and Warwick.

Boys who choose to play Rugby at Repton do so because they love the game, and this creates a very positive atmosphere to be involved in. We hope to equip all of our players with the skills, knowledge and passion to continue their involvement in the game beyond their Repton days playing for University teams and local clubs.

Martin Hunt
Master i/c Rugby


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Sailing takes place on a Tuesday as part of the afternoon sports programme, on some Wednesday afternoons within the CCF programme and as an option on CCF Field Days during the Michaelmas and Summer Terms. No sailing takes place during Lent owing to adverse weather conditions. Pupils opting for this activity gain an insight into the fundamentals of sailing and the skills required to sail a small dingy to a competent standard. Prior experience is advantageous but not essential.

The Repton Sailing School is currently undergoing a five-year plan to replace and upgrade its fleet. On offer are five Toppers, two of which are racing models, and three Laser Picos. These are kept at Swarkestone Sailing Club, an RYA approved centre and a good-sized lake approximately six miles to the north-east of the School. The Topper is an ideal boat for beginners and those pupils wishing to sail single-handed as it relies on minimum equipment and a single main sail; it can be quickly set up by an individual and results are instantaneous once sailing gets underway. The Laser Pico is better suited to those pupils with intermediate sailing skills as it utilizes both a main and small jib sail. It easily accommodates a crew of two, or it can be single-handed by a competent sailor.

The sailing programme is continually under review and our aim is to develop the best possible experience within the available resources. It is open to pupils across all age groups and it has proven to be a very rewarding experience with many returning to the sport in their lives beyond Repton. Indeed, sailing at Repton is on the verge of entering a very exciting phase and it is hoped that in time pupils may also be able to gain certification and valuable experience on both inshore and offshore waters.

Richard Fairbrother
Master i/c sailing

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The training programme runs throughout the year. During the week, the swimming squad trains during two afternoon sessions and two early morning sessions, and additional training is also available on a further two afternoons. The early morning swims are run by the City of Derby coach Mandy Bell. 

Inter-school competitions, National Swimming and whole school events take place throughout the year. In the Lent Term, the Squad competes at the Public School Championships – the Bath and Otter Cups, as well as competing against other schools in galas including Stowe and Bromsgrove. The Michaelmas Term is particularly important in terms of School swimming - house swimming competitions are always fiercely fought and the Caroline Tyler inter-house relays, inaugurated in memory of a former swimming captain, is the first whole school event.

The Repton School swimming programme facilitates fitness, life skills and character. The programme allows students of all ages and abilities to enjoy structured and enjoyable training sessions.

Rachel Walker

Mistress i/c Swimming



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