Music surrounds us in our everyday lives; we hear it at home, at work, in the car, when we are shopping, at restaurants, indeed even before we are born we can hear and respond to music in our mother’s womb. It can sooth, hype, educate, entertain, even heal; music can translate feelings and desires that are sometimes difficult to express using spoken or written language – it truly is a universal language, and one that the study of music at an academic levels aims to understand.

The Music department at Repton is housed in an impressive building which features a purpose-built concert hall (crowned in 2015 by a new Steinway grand piano), a fully-equipped recording studio, a computer suite set aside for composition and a variety of academic and instrumental teaching spaces. 

All pupils joining the school have the opportunity to study Music in their first year as part of the arts and technology programme, and the subject is offered at both GCSE and A Level, following the EdExcel specifications. We aim to be flexible in our approach, with some pupils opting to take GCSE a year early.  At all levels, students learn to understand and appreciate a range of musical styles and techniques, thus developing their own musical interests and skills. Pupils often go on to study music at universities or conservatoires, with Reptonians regularly gaining Choral and Organ Awards to Oxbridge colleges.

Our musicians’ education is enhanced and expanded by the activities of the Harvey Society (named after the composer and Old Reptonian Jonathan Harvey) which meets twice a term to discuss a range of musical issues.  Recent meetings have included a talk by the inventor of the famous Sibelius software package, and a presentation on hitherto undiscovered mathematical properties in Mozart’s ‘Jupiter’ Symphony.  Both our academic and co-curricular programmes are further complemented by a professional concert series which brings artists of international fame to the school every term, with many providing inspirational masterclasses for current students.

Outside the classroom the department runs an extensive extra-curricular programme; please see the co-curricular section of the website for further information.  

Dr Peter Siepmann, Head of Academic Music

Dr Siepmann has been a member of the music staff at Repton since January 2013.  Alongside his school work, Peter is Organist & Director of Music at St Peter's Church in Nottingham, and works regularly as a continuo player, accompanist and guest conductor for a number of local ensembles including the University of Nottingham Choir, Nottingham Bach Choir and Mansfield Choral Society.