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Mathematical Relay

Mathematical Relay

The School's Mathematics Department recently kept the ‘Olympic Spirit’ going with a mathematical relay. Mrs Beckett’s and Mr Goodhead’s A-Block sets formed nine teams of four and each team then split into two pairs, positioning themselves at opposite sides of Pears’ School.

The relay consisted of 24 quick fire questions based on topics studied this term. Each pair had to solve a problem and then run with their answer across Pears’ School to the other half of their team. They then took the answer and used it to solve another problem which they then ran back to the other pair. In this way teams were constantly running answers back and forth across Pears’ School!

At the end of the lesson all 9 teams were tied so the winners were decided with a ‘quick fire shoot-out’ of just 3 questions. The winners were then duly awarded their ‘trophy’ a Christmas chocolate snowman! However consolation Quality Streets were given to all participants!