The School Library, situated in the beautiful Old Priory, is an inspirational and evocative environment which has inspired scholars for hundreds of years. Under the expert supervision of our Librarian, Mr Stevens, it provides a quiet haven in which Reptonians can work, research, or simply curl up with a novel.

The first floor contains the main non-fiction areas, and satellite rooms provide computer facilities and private work stations. The Audit Room, with its comfortable chairs and sofas, is stocked with the very best Fiction titles, and is the ideal place to while away an hour or two in leisurely reading.

The second floor is devoted to books on the Classical World, and there are many further spaces to study in. Mr Stevens is on duty during opening hours and is very happy to assist you in finding books or helping you with your research.

There are also micro-libraries established around the School, giving you the opportunity to pick up and read books around other areas of the school such as The Grubber, Sports Centre and JCR. All pupils have access to JSTOR, a digital library of academic resources, through Firefly.

Library Opening Times 
Weekday7.00 am - 7.00 pm
Saturday8.30 am - 12.15 pm
Extended opening hours in the Summer