Learning Support

The Learning Support department aims to identify and then to work with those pupils who require additional support with their academic work. 

Before a pupil arrives at Repton we receive information from parents and our feeder schools and, on entry, all pupils are tested on aspects of their learning skills. Those pupils who are so identified are offered learning support either in small groups or as individuals. Individual education plans for each such pupil allow us to share information and advice on teaching strategies amongst teaching staff, and to monitor progress. 

Learning Support at Repton is the responsibility of all teachers and the needs of pupils are addressed in each subject classroom. Where additional support is indicated our focus is on key functional skills and on the building of self esteem with regard to learning. 'Confidence for competence' lies at the heart of our support. 

The Learning Support department runs two weekly study support 'drop in' sessions. All pupils are welcome to attend these evening sessions to receive support with any aspect of their academic life.  In addition academic support is available to Lower Sixth pupils within the ‘Extend and Enlighten’ programme.

Access arrangements in public exams are monitored very closely by the Joint Council of Qualifications and the Head of Learning Support compiles applications for access arrangements when a pupil’s learning profile meets the regulations laid down by JCQ.

The Learning Support department provides whole school and departmental training and liaises very regularly with teaching staff.  Study skills material is made available to all staff and as part of the PSHCE programme. 

Pippa Parker, the Head of Learning Support, is always available to consult or to meet with parents pcp@repton.org.uk