In the ICT Department at Repton we seek to:

Acknowledge the proficiency in 21st century ICT skills as essential to the education of today’s learner; encourage all pupils to develop their skills, and, as technology continues to move forward, endeavour to ensure that all pupils are familiar with the latest tools and software, thus keeping them at the leading edge of the Digital Revolution; embrace healthy debate about resources, skills and the educational impact of ICT; and ensure a sensible evolution of technology which preserves the best of traditional teaching supported by modern electronic resources under the control of teachers.

Information Communication Technology Department at Repton

Information Communication Technology is taught on the timetable to all pupils in their first two years at Repton and includes a course of ICT skills that will allow them to continue to develop as confident and enthusiastic users of various software applications to aid and enhance their school work and studies. Furthermore, throughout their time at Repton, we develop pupils’ ICT skills through a cross-curricular approach, whereby the development of ICT skills are taught through the medium of subjects studied.

Outside the classroom, we provide a diverse collection of electronic resources. We have established a remote desktop portal for network access from anywhere in the world. These resources help enhance remote learning and independent study from home, essential in this modern age. ICT use within the classroom has also been greatly enhanced with a plethora of electronic teaching resources from virtual learning environments to digital video streaming and electronic books all now accessible from mobile devices.


The department consists of three teaching rooms. There are 67 PC’s running a range of applications such as Adobe Photoshop Elements and SolidWorks. All machines are linked to Colour Multi-Function Devices, allowing scanning to email address, colour copying and the like. The Department is open outside lesson time to allow for access to the suites for work and recreational purposes. 

Our fibre optic network links to the whole school and provides sockets in all classrooms and pupil sockets in every study in each boarding house. Every boarding house also has full wireless coverage. These systems provide electronic resources, Internet access, e-mail facilities and access to centrally held files all of which can be accessed through our remote desktop portal.