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Fees, Term Dates, Uniform

Fees, Term Dates, Uniform

School Fees

Registration fee: £100 payable on first application
Deposit: 10% of first term’s boarding fee for both day and boarding pupils, payable on acceptance of a place and refunded against the final school bill.

2016/2017 Fees
Boarding pupils: tuition, games, inclusive - £11,342 per term
Day pupils: tuition, games, inclusive - £8,414 per term

Fees are payable on the first day of term, these are reviewed annually and are subject to increase from time to time. If less than a term's notice is given of a fee increase greater than 8%, notice of withdrawal given within 21 days after notice of the increase was received will not incur a term's fees in lieu of notice. Normally a full term's notice in writing must be given before the removal of a pupil or before a change from boarding to day status; otherwise the fees for the ensuing term will be charged in full.

Charges for extras will be raised at the end of each term and will cover, amongst other things, extra tuition, House charges, tuck, clothing and equipment, photographs and school trips.

There are also various sources of financial help available to parents, details of which can be found in the brochure ‘Scholarships and Grants’ published by ISIS (Independent Schools Information Service), 56 Buckingham Gate, London SW1 6AG.

Full terms and conditions are available from the Registrar. Or download a PDF.

To assist you, please be aware that we are now able to take payments by the following methods:

  • Direct transfer into the School's bank account
  • Debit or credit card (a transaction charge is made for credit card payments)
  • By cheque

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Term Dates 

Lent Term 2017 
  • Monday 9th January pm - Friday 24th March (1.00 pm)
  • Half-term: Friday 10th February (4.30pm) - Sunday 19th February (8.00pm)
Summer Term 2017 
  • Tuesday 18th April (8.00pm) - Saturday 1st July (2.00pm)
  • Half-term: Friday 26th May (4.30pm) - Sunday 4th June (8.00pm)
Michaelmas Term 2017 
  • Wednesday 30th August (8.00pm) - Friday 15th December (8.30pm)
  • Exeat: Friday 22nd September (1.00 pm) - Sunday 24th September (9.00 pm)
  • Half-term: Friday 13th October (4.30pm) - Sunday 29th October (8.00pm)
  • Exeat: Friday 17th November (1.00 pm) - Sunday 19th November (9.00 pm)
Lent Term 2018 
  • Monday 8th January (8.00pm) - Friday 23rd March (1.00 pm)
  • Half-term: Friday 9th February (4.30pm) - Sunday 18th February (8.00pm)
Summer Term 2018 (Provisional) 
  • Monday 16th April pm - Saturday 30th June pm
  • Half-term: Friday 25th May - Sunday 3rd June pm

At the beginnings of terms and ends of half-terms boarders will be required to be in School by 8.00 pm on the published date. Day pupils will be required to be in School by 8.30 am on the day following the published date.

Parents and guardians are respectfully requested not to make travel and other arrangements that require departure of a pupil before the stated date and time at the start of a leave and after the stated date and time at the end of a leave.

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All pupils are expected to take a pride in their own appearance and be smartly turned out, both in school uniform and casual dress.

The school's Dress Regulations can be found here.

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