Ethical & Religious Studies

The Ethical and Religious Studies department is at the heart of the school and is one of the most popular choices for pupils taking GCSE and A Levels.  We believe strongly in the prominent role that the academic study of ethics and religion can have in the development of first-class young minds. A rigorous and thorough study of religion, philosophy and ethics at Repton helps you approach the world from a global perspective and develop the capacity for empathy, critical evaluation and engagement.  

At every level in the ERS department, we seek to encourage pupils to see the world through respectful but critically aware eyes. Whether it’s the study of ethical theory at B Block, Islam at GCSE or Hume’s rejection of the teleological argument at A Level, every Reptonian ought to leave the classroom after each lesson with the critical faculty to see the world in a new way. No personal faith commitment is required – such a commitment is, however, most welcome.    

Lessons are taught by four specialist teachers, each equally committed to providing a broad range of teaching strategies which put the engagement with ideas and critical thinking at the centre of learning.

The department also seeks to get out of the classroom and to places of interest where possible. For example, in B Block, pupils get the opportunity to explore places of worship in the local areas, to sample the cultures of different religions in a day.

The Hampshire Philosophy Society (so named after Sir Stuart Hampshire, OR) is one of the most thriving societies in the School and meets regularly to discuss and debate some of the key issues in philosophy and ethics.

Mrs Arabella Saunders, Head of Ethical and Religious Studies

A former pupil of Wycombe Abbey School, Arabella graduated from Leeds University in 2010, completed a PGCE at Canterbury Christ Church University, and then went on to a teaching post at Oundle. She joined Repton in 2014 as a Philosophy and Ethics teacher and became Head of Department in September 2016. She has a national profile in promoting good teaching and learning in Religious Education. You can follow her twitter feed and keep up to date with the latest developments in Philosophy and Religious Education here @MissAVECarter. Her husband, Edward, is a Year Five teacher at Foremarke Hall, Repton’s Prep school.