Distinguished Old Reptonians

Thousands of men and women have passed through The Arch, out into their lives as young adults #beyondthearch. The welcoming character of the School, with its mission to encourage the talents of its pupils wherever they may lie, is reflected in the truly diverse fields in which Old Reptonians have gone on to pursue careers, gain life experience and achieve prominence.

From science to the arts, philosophy to diplomacy, sport to exploration, music, law, and the world of business – if you can name a career or pick a location on a map there is sure to be a Reptonian who has been there or done that.

This tradition continues to inspire current Reptonians whichever path they choose to follow. Who is your inspiration and why? What did Repton do for you? Do share your story with us by emailing jcobb@repton.org.uk or writing to us at The OR Office, The Hall, Repton School, Repton, Derbyshire, DE65 6FH.