Digital Learning

ICT plays an increasingly significant role in education and specifically at Repton. Pupils are able to access a wide range of academic resources, including interactive material, both on the internet and on Firefly, our newly introduced intranet. Pupils have access to our ever-expanding catalogue of educational online content such as JSTOR, ClickView Online, Britannica School and Doddle, and are able to access these both at school and remotely. Increasingly, teaching staff make use of these resources in the classroom. 

Recently, the School announced its award of Microsoft Showcase School status. Repton is now one of 534 schools worldwide to hold this award and one of only 34 in the UK.

In September 2016, we introduced the Microsoft Surface Programme, which required all new B Block pupils to have a Microsoft Surface device, selecting this from a specified range. B Block and A Block pupils joining Repton in Michaelmas 2017 will be required to have a Microsoft Surface and we strongly recommend that any parents who are considering purchasing a device for their son/daughter in the near future, do so through the Microsoft Surface Programme. Further details are always available from the Director of ICT, Lee Alderman.

The ICT Centre is open outside lesson times during the week. There are facilities for digital video streaming, graphical online library searches, E-Learning and Virtual Learning Environments. Using Firefly, our Learning Platform, we deliver multimedia content and online testing, Blogging and Collaboration software as well as different software for different subject areas. All machines are connected to the Internet and all pupils have their own email address. Office 365 is provided to all pupils to facilitate their studies.

The ICT network extends across the whole school, providing pupil data sockets in every study in each House as well as wireless access. This provides Internet access, email facilities, and access to internal/cloud hosted files. We also provide Remote Desktop access during the holidays with the ‘Repton Portal’ in addition to cloud hosted systems.