The Cross

Welcome to The Cross! Situated at the heart of the village, The Cross is an old coaching house which became a boys’ boarding house in 1880. In recent years it has been significantly refurbished and modernised and currently houses 35 boarders and 15 day boys.

There are 16 single bedrooms that are mostly allocated to Sixth Form boys. The rest of the boys live in double or treble rooms. Day boys are fully integrated, sharing study bedrooms with the boarders. Most bedrooms have a sink unit, all have a full complement of matching furniture and a network socket so that the boys can access their userwork on their laptop or desktop computers. Bathrooms and shower rooms have been upgraded significantly; there is a private bath on each floor and individual shower pods replacing the central changing rooms that existed prior to the refurbishment.


Mr Simon Earwicker, Housemaster

Simon Earwicker, Housemaster of The Cross, and his wife Helen, who is the Relief Matron, have two children, Alice and James. Alice is at Repton in Lower Sixth in The Abbey and James is in B Block in School House. Helen is doing an iPGCE in Geography and teaches Class Civ, in addition to her Learning Support and Relief Matron roles.

Stephen Megahey, teacher of Religious Studies, is the Resident Tutor. The non-residential team includes Paul Goodhead, Claire Watson, Robert Marston and Stephen Goudge.

We are delighted to announce that from September 2017 Matt Wilson along with his wife Lorna will be taking over the role of Houseparents.