The Chemistry department consists of four full time Chemists who all teach A-level and GCSE, supported by two supportive and experienced technicians.

The department is located within the Science Priory where we have dedicated laboratories and lecture theatres, with one having a 3D facility.

All pupils study AQA Chemistry to GCSE and approximately 50% will be entered for the Chemistry examination, with the rest being entered for Combined Science (each science is still taught by a subject specialist). The numbers studying Edexcel Chemistry at A Level are high and the outstanding results achieved by our pupils enable them to journey forward in many different directions. The department has a reputation for excellent teaching and outstanding results. As well as promoting academic rigour, we aim to convey the excitement and fun of the subject through demonstrations, practical experiences and trips to Birmingham University for the WMCTC Lecture Series and the ‘Chemistry in Action’ days for example. Our pupils gain success in the RSC Chemistry Olympiad with silver and bronze awards being gained in 2016.