The Chapel stands at the very heart of the Repton community and we hope that for all pupils, regardless of their denomination or beliefs, it can be a place of peace and reflection as they progress along their personal journey of faith.

There is a whole-school Chapel service on Friday morning and on Sunday a formal service attended by all boarders and day pupils who live in Repton, usually at 10.15 am. B Block have their own time in Chapel each Tuesday at 8.30 am. This is a great way for newcomers to get to know the work of Chapel and its importance in the life of the School. Every fortnight on a Wednesday evening at 9.00 pm there is a voluntary Eucharist in the Chapel. This short service of communion is open to all and you are welcome to take Communion whether you are confirmed or not. 

We hope that you will enjoy the many varied speakers who address us in all these services and give us insights from their life and experiences beyond Repton. In all these times together we celebrate our joys and the aspects of our lives we treasure, and in times of sorrow we find in the Chapel a consolation and the reassurance of God’s promise to be with us in all we do and go through.

Many Old Reptonians come back and make a point of visiting the Chapel. It is a building which probably means different things to different ORs but for all of them it once provided an anchor point to their working week at school.

This time provides a rare opportunity to sit still and be together. We hope that the Chapel will be that for you too. Whatever your faith or views about faith, may Chapel - a bridge between school and the world beyond - be a spiritual home for you now and in your years beyond Repton.

Father Neil Roberts

Fr Roberts has previously been a Head of Religion and Philosophy and a boarding master. He took holy orders in the Church of England and has worked in parishes as a Vicar and Rector. He is also a Benedictine – a religious order that places great emphasis upon hospitality and reflection. As well as teaching ERS he is available to the whole community as a pastor, friend and counsellor.