C B Fry Award

Charles Burgess Fry was not only Repton’s greatest all-rounder but probably the most celebrated all-rounder of his generation. Fry arrived at Repton with an Academic Exhibition in 1885 and then enjoyed an outstanding school career, winning prizes for German, Latin prose and verse, Greek verse and French. Besides being an excellent debater and actor, he was also an accomplished singer. But it was on the sportsfield that he made his greatest mark. He was a member of the School’s 1st XI football team from the age of 15, a first-class sprinter, hurdler, high and long jumper and in cricket he was equally impressive as a bowler or a batsman.

Fry’s sporting achievements continued after Repton and he enjoyed a breadth of success unrivalled since and probably quite impossible today. He represented England in soccer and played in an FA Cup Final for Southampton. In rugby he played for Oxford University, Blackheath and the Barbarians, and he captained the English cricket team without losing a Test Match. He also equalled the world long jump record as a student in 1893. During his editorship of the monthly Fry magazine, of which he was also the star reporter, the publication achieved a peak circulation of 100,000 copies. Famously he was alleged to have been offered the vacant throne of Albania.

A number of boarding awards, worth up to 20% of the Repton fees, will be offered to boys and girls who are able to demonstrate a proven track record of academic commitment and leadership potential and who are also performing with distinction in sport, music, art or drama. The boys and girls deemed worthy of a C B Fry Award will possess the ability to inspire and lead others and will be naturally gifted in a variety of fields. It is also expected that they will make a significant contribution to the life of the boarding community during their time at Repton. In short the awards will recognise all-round achievement and potential in the academic and extra-curricular life of the School. 

C B Fry Awards Selection Procedure

Prep schools are invited to nominate up to two pupils whom they believe match these criteria. Applications must be in the form of a letter of recommendation from the Headmaster or Headmistress with supporting references from other members of staff as appropriate. The assessment will take place over two days in the Lent Term of a candidates’ Year 7. Candidates will be tested academically and assessed in leadership, teamwork, athleticism and either music or art. Any award offered will be subject to successful candidates meeting the normal entry requirements. Candidates are also eligible to be nominated for other awards the following year.