We appreciate that investing in a Repton education is a major financial commitment and that not all families wanting to give this wonderful opportunity to their children can afford the full fees.

Repton School has a small fund from which it will aim to support those families for whom the fees are a step too far.  If you feel that, whilst you can pay a substantial proportion of the fees, you are unable to commit to a Repton education in full, then there may be some help available to you in the form of a Bursary. 

It is helpful if you apply for a Bursary at the time of registering your child and, since these funds are limited, an early application is advised. In order to apply for a Bursary, in the first instance, you will need to contact Mr T J Collins, Director of Admissions and request a Bursary application form. In addition, Repton School works with the Springboard Charity offering fully funded places into our Sixth Form each year. We also work closely with the local John Port School offering Sixth Form Scholarships to children who we feel would benefit most from all that Repton has to offer.

With finite financial resources to fund bursarial assistance available, the points below may well help to inform the likelihood of an award:

Financial need

A comprehensive evaluation of parental/household income, expenditure and assets is made - the ‘means-testing’. In undertaking this process the School uses data available from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to inform its assessment of living standards, as it recognises that judgements about the sacrifices that a family should make to pay school fees will be personal. Certainly, a lifestyle deemed luxurious would not be consistent with receipt of financial assistance.

The following guidelines may be useful:

  • Income from all sources will be considered net of taxes, as well as outgoings such as pension contributions and mortgage payments. 
  • In cases of separation, the contribution made by the absent parent is considered alongside contributions to household costs by others, eg grandparents/family members, any adults unrelated to the child living in the home or by outside sources.
  • The ability to improve the financial position or earning power of the family; for example, where there are two partners, both would be expected to be working unless one is prevented from doing so through incapacity, the need to care for children under school age or other dependents, or the requirements of their partner’s work. 
  • Opportunities to release any capital; capital savings and investments would be expected to be used for the payment of school fees, as would equity values in houses. 
  • Where fees are being paid to Repton for siblings this commitment will be taken into account. Accounting for the cost of educating children at other schools is rarely possible. 
  • Acknowledging that others might have a different view, the School considers that frequent or expensive holidays, new or luxury cars, investment in significant home improvements or second property/land holdings, as well as excessive expenditure on luxuries, such as eating out or on retail goods and services, are rarely consistent with the award of financial assistance. 
  • There may be other factors that are taken into account in assessing merit for financial assistance, such as siblings already at Repton, a scholarship award, family ill-health, social or psychological needs, and other sources of funds.
  • Parents suffering financial hardship whilst their child is in an exam year will be a priority for support.
  • In assessing the affordability of school fees the cost of extras, such as for trips and activities, is taken into account. In addition, it is assumed that pupils are likely to bring laptops (or equivalent tablet devices) into school and so the cost of these has been incorporated into the assessment of living standards.  

Potential of the pupil

The likely benefit to the pupil (in academic and other ways), will be judged by past and present attitude and performance. The ability to take full advantage of Repton’s opportunities and to benefit others will be important. 

The availability of funds - The School has made a long-term commitment to providing financial assistance to support parents but all awards are made subject to the availability of funds. 

The Next Step

For further details of all awards and entry forms please contact Mr T J Collins, Director of Admissions, at Repton School, Derby, DE65 6FH, by telephone (01283 559 387) or email (tjc@repton.org.uk)