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Broken Bones

Broken Bones

Last night, MedSoc were delighted to welcome the return of Professor Rohan Rajan, a Repton parent and consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the Royal Derby Hospital.

Once again he gave us a captivating and humorous insight into life as an orthopaedic surgeon revealing the variety of surgeries he performed from simple plates and frames to correct broken bones, to complex surgeries correcting deformed joints and traumatic injuries. He spoke about prioritising treatment towards the most life-threatening conditions first, and also emphasised the importance of team work between the anaesthetist, nurses and surgeons. However, he also stressed the most important person in the theatre was the patient themselves.

He spoke candidly and honestly about the variety of patients that he encountered, and described ways that doctors could communicate and treat patients that were unable to speak for themselves perhaps due to age, disease or language. At the end, the questions and answers that were asked were both thought-provoking and fascinating, and by the end the group of O-block, L6 and U6 medics commented how brilliant the talk was with one simply commenting that Professor Rajan 'was awesome!'

We are very grateful to Professor Rajan for giving up his time at the end of a very busy day in clinics and consultations and are looking forward to his return in February for an afternoon of invaluable hands-on surgery skills and practice with his team of surgeons and support staff.