Achievements and Plans


A great deal has been achieved since The Repton Foundation was established and we can proudly say that the Foundation is making a real difference to current pupils at both Repton and Foremarke.


The list below shows some of the projects undertaken since it was established in 1997 through the continued generous support of ORs, parents and other friends of the School:

  • Funding the complete IT network of Repton linking all departments, Houses and studies to the School’s intranet and the internet.
  • Funding with the support of the Repton Pilgrims an all weather 6 lane cricket net facility at Repton.
  • Assisting in the funding of two all weather water-based Astroturf pitches at Repton.
  • Funding bursary grants for nine pupils whose funding ceased with the demise of the Government’s Assisted Places Scheme.
  • Refurbishment of the Old Priory into a first class Library and Learning Rescource Centre.
  • Redevelopment of the Old Mitre into a new English Block
  • Conversion of the Old Squash Courts into New Court Gallery, this being a home for the new Textiles Department and Artists in Residence as well as a splendid gallery for both Art and Design
  • Refurbishment and extension of The Priory, Latham House, Abbey House, New House and School House.
  • Extension of the Biology and Maths Department.
  • Improved facilities in the Design and Technology.
  • The creation of the Music School in 1983 and subsequently redevelopment to incorporate a new recording studio and improved practice and concert facilities.
  • The creation of a new digital learning centre for Modern Languages.
  • Refurbishment of the Chapel to provide an even more inspirational setting for worship, and the refurbishment of the organ.
  • 400 Hall has now been remodelled into a state of the art theatre, with new staging, permanent raked seating and a foyer worth of the quality of the drama that the pupils are producing.

Foremarke Hall is currently mid build on a stunning new dinning room which will complete the current and extensive developmet program that has seen continued investment in improving and extending its facilities. In recent years Foremarke has benefitted from:

  • The erection of a new classroom block.
  • Improvements to the IT Department.
  • Enhancements to the Foremarke Theatre.
  • Major extension to the Pre Prep Department.
  • Funding a major refurbishment of the boarding facilities.
  • The 3 Phase, £12million Quad Development comprises Classrooms, Language Lab, Art, DT and Music departments.

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Charitable interest in the education of others lies at the very heart of Repton, Sir John Port having made provision in his 1557 will for the creation of a ‘Grammer School in Etwalle or Reptone from tyme to tyme for ever.’

The good intentions of our founder have been sustained by the generosity of his successors across the centuries and have, most recently, found their expression in the work of the Repton Foundation, the name given to both the Schools’ endowment, created thanks to the donations of a wide range of ORs and other supporters, and the body established to administer them.

Historically Repton and Foremarke have never been exclusive schools, always seeking instead to find a way of including those with the academic ability and capacity to cope, but whose parents lacked the financial means to afford the fees. This has given the Schools a refreshing unpretentiousness and genuine social and economic diversity. The purpose of a Repton education is to prepare its pupils for the real world of business and enterprise, not to provide a gilded cage for affluent and the privileged, which it would swiftly become if the Schools focused solely on those who could afford the full fees.

This is why both Repton and Foremarke already offer a wide range of means tested bursaries and why a number of pupils are already benefitting from some form of financial assistance. However, the Headmasters and Governors see this as no more than a starting point. They are determined so far as possible to make a Repton education as accessible and affordable as possible to all those pupils who would benefit, regardless of financial circumstances. They believe that the more socially diverse the Schools are, the more their pupils and society as a whole stand to benefit. In effect, this means increasing the amount of means-tested funding available for boys and girls of ability very substantially.


The Governors and Foundation Trustees consider the provision of an Endowment Fund to be central to the ethos of both Schools, and have now set the target of raising the level of endowment held in the Foundation from its current £2.5m to £25m by 2025. 

The long term aim is to build up a bursaries endowment of £40m.