Wholeness, Truth, Excellence, Respect

The school’s values underpin the work of the school. All our policies, initiatives and day-to-day endeavours have a touchstone in the values. By using them in this way, all of us in Repton are working with a common purpose. For our pupils, this leads to educational outcomes with integrity and coherence. For colleagues, the values get us up in the morning, are a handrail for the day, and allow us to sleep at night.

To distil the statement of values below, the entire school community was invited to contribute to a consultation exercise in the summer of 2016. Colleagues and pupils reflected on what values were central to the Repton ethos, and on how best to articulate them. 

Wholeness of the person in moral, intellectual, social and physical endeavours

Repton offers an outstanding curriculum, alongside the most formidable array of sporting, cultural, community and social opportunities. Even more importantly, the precise pastoral work of House Masters, House Mistresses, their Assistants, Matrons and Tutors ensure that Reptonians are always engaged in a rich and interesting variety of pursuits, as well as their particular interests. Our top academic scholars have enormous fun playing House (and often School and national) sport. Our best athletes attend concerts and plays. Our musicians have exacting academic aspirations. Repton embraces this wholeness as a key value, and sees it at as an attribute in the individual and the institution overall. In youth, as in adulthood, we thrive when all aspects of our nature are stimulated and guided. School is a privileged time when such balance can be nurtured. Reptonians therefore leave us with much more than academic qualifications, understanding themselves and others as whole human beings.

How do we achieve this?  

At the beginning, end and throughout the working day Reptonians are in their House, where the staff around them will in deliberate discussions and ad hoc encounters encourage wholeness. Dining in-House with peers, juniors, seniors and adult company sets a strong context of balance and natural development. Walk around Repton throughout the week, and it is amazing to see sports, music, drama and CCF all coached by the same subject specialists as in the classroom. House Masters, House Mistresses and tutors guide Reptonians to be always their better selves, giving strong encouragement where necessary. The Chaplaincy, Pastoral Support Group and counselling are there and ready to aid when balance is temporarily lost. The shape of the working day and week allows for Reptonians to pursue their aspirations in all spheres knowing that all achievements will be celebrated on an equal footing. The Repton Prize, an exam board assured certification, awarded at the end of the Upper Sixth recognises at the moment of graduation the whole school contribution that each Reptonian can make.

Truth achieved through a life-long pursuit of learning

Today’s schoolchildren are entering a complicated and rapidly-changing world. Their careers will be affected by new technologies, global economic interconnectedness, and an unpredictable workplace and political landscape. This will affect all Reptonians: doctors, athletes, scientists, lawyers, politicians, architects, businessmen, sports coaches, inventors or artists. It will affect them both professionally and in their roles as informed citizens, partners, parents, and members of their communities. Given the pace of change in the professional landscape, the ability to learn new things will be the first key to their success. Part of this will be the confidence that they can get to the bottom of complicated situations, and trust their own minds. In lessons and in the Houses, a Repton education develops a lifelong appetite for learning and a profound intellectual self-confidence.

How do we address this?

We appoint, induct and mentor outstanding teachers. These professionals are reflective about their classroom practice which values questioning and independence of thought in pupils. Members of Common Room act as role models to Reptonians by their own continuing professional development, much of it at the highest level and devised by Repton in collaboration with others. This makes manifest a sustained programme of self-improvement as the norm. Reading and intellectual pursuits take centre stage alongside the delivery of syllabus specifications. In the Houses: staff encourage Reptonians to try new sports, to participate in the tried and tested ones for the House, to indulge new activities or instruments and take risks by being responsible for significant House endeavours. In Chapel and in the vibrant scene of academic societies Reptonians will have prepared and delivered talks and lead significant discussions.

Excellence as an aspiration for all, in every pursuit, both individual and collaborative

For our pupils to work at the limits of their talents and aspirations, exploring and pushing back these boundaries in the supportive atmosphere of Repton, gives our boys and girls a genuinely developmental experience and a strong advantage in life after School. Wherever your start point, so long as you hold to challenging yet achievable goals the ethos and structure of Repton will enable you to excel in any pursuit and your ventures will be endorsed and encouraged by peers and staff alike. Repton is a school of value added, whether it is public exam results where Repton is scarcely without equal, to sports teams where many share the joy of starting in the Cs in B block and leaving in the 1st team. The spirit of excellence is never more clearly espoused than in the grand inter-House competitions in Music, CCF and Sports where Reptonians will coach, guide and exhort each other to each greater heights. As collectives in the classroom, on the pitch or the rehearsal room or as individuals the Repton approach is to draw out the best from oneself and from each other.

How do we achieve this?

Reptonians take the lead in their education, whether it is by setting their own targets in collaboration with their academic tutor following a set of MAs, or for instance by leading a seminar discussion in one of the academic societies.  Boys and girls holding an academic scholarship and those with a like-minded scholarly aspiration are mentored for five years by the Master of Scholars in a Unique Scholarship Journey. This development is focused on Ramsey and Temple Societies where a pupil’s articulated intellectual response to a concept is central. Additionally the Master of Scholars will coach these pupils in time management and guide them to academic opportunities outside Repton. We aim to bring structure and consistency to excellence. In this regard, we have developed Precision Education, a unique offering which takes all quantified aspects of a pupil’s academic profile and synthesises the information so that classroom teachers and pastoral leaders can respond to the pupil on a truly individualised basis. Precision Education also allows boys and girls to challenge those areas of themselves which need most development. In the Sixth Form programme, Reptonians are given guidance by the Universities Team given them the best possible further education outcomes. They have access to the cross-curricular programme and EPQs. The Learning Support Department provides the very best one to one and small group support. In both sport and music Reptonians receive the highest levels of coaching and tuition having access to national level competitions. Elite boys and girls are mentored in aspects of training, recovery, psychology and nutrition by our Performance Sport Lead. Excellence in any endeavour will be recognised by a graded scheme of rewards and at the highest levels by a Headmaster’s Congratulation and a mention in Lists.

Respect founded on a deep regard for common humanity and the unexceptional in each other

Repton enjoys a community of pupils and members of staff of varied and significant talent, potential and track records of achievement as you could ever hope to meet. In such a dynamic and stimulating environment, but one that actively encourages both cooperative activity in lessons, Houses, teams and ensembles, whilst at the same time stimulating individual aspiration, it is essential that we have common ground and shared confidence. Respect therefore is essential: a measure of self-respect to regulate our conduct and promote the positive about ourselves whilst at the same time an active respect for the fellows around us. Our mutual respect amongst pupils and staff is enduring and profound and rests on what draws us together, our common humanity rather than a transient admiration of success.

How do we achieve this?

Repton is a Christian School and for all our values, not least Respect, our guide is the Scripture. All pupils encounter this through an engaging programme in Chapel, lead by a Chaplain who is also involved around the School. In the House the atmosphere and tone is set and maintained by Housemasters and Housemistresses and their professional pastoral teams. In the classroom, and in all co-curricular activity, through all we do Respect and all of our Values are emphasised without embarrassment. Recent work has significantly extended Pupil Voice and given Reptonians a much-augmented platform upon which to be articulate about their School. Repton is a big school in the conventional tradition in as much as all opportunities remain available whilst at the same time enjoying a size where all can be known and appreciated as individuals. Expectations and behaviour standards are high because boys and girls, their parents and staff want and sustain them there.