The History of Maroon

At Repton we place great emphasis on our sporting history and heritage and all the 1st teams of our major sports now play in maroon. For a school whose colours are navy and gold it may be surprising as to why we play in maroon. 

The colour maroon for our first team kit originates back to the 1880s. During this time, all teams wore white shirts, and therefore the only way to differentiate Repton and the opposition was by the maroon caps that the Repton boys wore. 

In 1886 the last Repton team played in white shirts, as it was finally realised that changing the shirt colour was necessary. It is a mystery as to why maroon was the chosen colour. People have suggested that perhaps it followed the maroon caps, or that it was a fashionable Victorian colour at the time and one that differentiated us from our rivals.  

However, this decision was made and it has since been a tradition for the 1st teams of our major sports to wear maroon, now for over 125 years. The first team to play in maroon was in 1887 and is shown below. Other than cricket that was played in white, football was the only team game played in the school at this time, with hockey taking off 10 or so years later and no sign of girls' sport for the next 80 years!