Repton's world-class sporting heritage set for the twenty first century

Repton's world-class sporting heritage set for the twenty first century

Repton School is delighted to announce a significant investment in the complete redevelopment of the Sports Centre site. 

Repton is committed to supporting sporting activity in young people in the local area as well as in its own pupils. The school hosts other schools and sports clubs and the fully redeveloped Sports Centre, with its improved facilities, will have a strategic purpose with the involvement of the wider community and partnerships at its heart.

The evolution of the structures will be completed in two phases. The first phase is a new Sports Hall and Strength and Conditioning suite to be completed by August 2018. The second phase will be the redevelopment and extension of the existing Sports Centre, ready by August 2019. 

Phase One will see the construction of a multi-purpose Sports Hall that will not only be a first-class training venue but will also provide a venue to host national indoor competitions. 

The flexible space, specified to the highest level, will house a show court for netball and be a competition venue for indoor hockey, as well as facilitating basketball, 5-a-side football, futsal and indoor cricket. There will also be two new squash courts.

A viewing area and seating for 230 spectators will allow sport to be showcased through a better hospitality and viewing experience.

The Strength and Conditioning suite will provide a facility to meet the needs of the School’s elite athletes. It will include the most contemporary strength training and functional movement equipment, a sprint lane and facilities for exercise professionals to enhance our pupils’ athletic development and rehabilitation.

Phase Two will allow the extension and redesign of the current Sports Centre. There will be an increased number of changing rooms with recovery and physiotherapy facilities, a video analysis and team meeting room, an external viewing platform and a modern ground floor reception area complete with a café and refreshment facilities. 

Sport is intrinsic to daily life at Repton, promoting health and wellbeing and contributing to a sense of wholeness. The School enjoys an eminent reputation in sport with an established track record, sustained national level success and notable recent Old Reptonian gold medal winners. This development will allow sport to continue to thrive.

Director of Sport Ian Pollock commented on the development: “This much anticipated development will have a considerable impact on the sporting experience of every pupil at Repton.

“As well as providing significant support for our elite performers, it will also allow every pupil to experience sport at an enhanced level, which is part of the school's aim for a holistic and whole educational experience.

“The growth of our sport at all levels in recent times has increased the demand for this development and we are grateful to the Governing Body for their support of this project. 

“This is undoubtedly a game changing development for Repton. It will allow us to continue our presence in the highest tier of school sport at the same time as providing a genuinely strong and broad sporting experience for all.”

Headmaster Alastair Land said: “School sport is a positive part of life for all Reptonians, from those who participate in House games to those who compete at the national level. The new Sports Centre will meet the demand that exists among the current and future generations of Repton pupils for the best facilities in which to enjoy unmatched coaching and physical development.”