Reptonians in England Hockey Futures Cup

Reptonians in England Hockey Futures Cup

A total of 12 current pupils and three new Reptonians took part in the England Hockey Futures Cup tournament between 23rd – 26th August. The Futures Cup aims to support hockey talent and development through a high intensity tournament and the players selected consistently show that they are the best performing and highest potential players in their age group.

Congratulations to the following pupils who took part in the 2017 tournament:

Saxon Tigers U17 Boys
Finley Newton (U6C)

Mercia Lynx U17 Boys
Callum Bell (U6P)

Pennine Pumas U17 Boys
Matthew Bellin (L6P)

Pennine Pumas U15 Boys
Mackenzie Newton (5C)
Xavier Teyletche (5N)

Pennine Pumas U17 Girls
Imogen Hatton (5G)
Fenella Scutt (U6G)
Maddie Wray (U6G)

Mercia Lynx U17 Girls
Esme Gibson (L6F)

Pennine Pumas U15 Girls
Charlotte Archer (5M)
Georgia Brown (5M)
Chrissie Jowett (5F)
Claudia Swain (3M)

Wales Squad
Billy Collins (5P)
George Rice (L6N)

Special congratulations go to Billy Collins who was named Welsh Player of the Tournament.