Real World

One of the important features of being at school is leaving it. Repton is a privileged five-year experience set in beautiful buildings and an idyllic landscape, but Reptonians must be prepared to thrive in the world they meet after the Leavers’ Ball. A Repton Education is valid as it is grounded in the Real World and prepares Reptonians for it.
In the classroom, alongside the thrill and love of intellectual endeavour there is a vigorous individualised drive for every boy and girl to achieve their best in all exams in both absolute and value-added terms. Exam results are a lifelong real-world platform to access adult opportunities.
Throughout the curriculum Reptonians encounter the real-world implications and aspects of their studies. This becomes still more developed in the Sixth Form when boys and girls have the chance to take up a Cross-Curricular Excellence Programme involving project work, bringing their subjects together and embedded contact with external organisations. As a Microsoft Showcase School Repton is well placed to ensure that all boys and girls have a well-practiced facility in contemporary IT skills.

The Higher Education and Careers team will ensure that aspirations for Reptonians in education and the world of work are well served with contemporary precise advice and access to the network of Old Reptonians to build experience and confidence in work places. We seek to instil in all our activities key competencies or Twenty First Century Skills such as: Digital, Civic, Scientific, Economic and Environmental Literacy; Critical thinking, Research practice, Creativity and Perseverance; Leadership, Global Outlook and Emotional Intelligence.

All Reptonians will have the experience through CCF, Duke of Edinburgh and Community Action of leading their peers in genuine and stand-alone circumstances, many will develop to a high level in these activities and furthermore some as House and School Prefects, members of The Academy and Captains’ Club. Repton’s emphasis on wholeness will ensure that all will have had sustained experience of being in a team or ensemble, where adults will have instilled Values and boys and girls will develop unaffected teamworking instincts.
As the time to leave draws near an intense and realistic Life Skills course draws many aspects together ensuring basic survival without the support of home and school on one level, all the way up to sophisticated coaching on presentation and networking.