Pastoral Care

Repton operates a traditional house system and the House provides a secure and stable home away from home within the School. It is the place where pupils will eat, sleep, work and live, helping to foster the family atmosphere and engender the values that we share.

The professional pastoral teams in the Houses not only make pupils feel cared for but also enable them to thrive. There is a team of staff ranging from Housemaster or Housemistress through to Matrons and Tutors who are on hand to support and guide pupils through the School.

The Repton community is wholeheartedly committed to providing a safe, caring, welcoming and friendly atmosphere in which individuality will flourish. Our ethos is one of acceptance, respect, integrity, honesty and courage.

Everyone at Repton wishes to help each other as much as possible with any problems and as well as the above, there is also the Chaplain, School Counsellor and the Medical Centre staff who can also listen and advise.

The best way for pupils settle into the Repton community is by throwing themselves whole-heartedly into both School and House events, getting involved wherever they can, contributing to the community and helping others. In this way, they quickly make friends and gain the respect and support of not only the House staff but also of the Prefects and senior pupils and their mentors in the year above.