Old Reptonian Clubs & Societies

We facilitate a thriving range of clubs and societies and regularly compete, and win, in a variety of leagues across all sports and activities. Those with web links are listed below. 

If you are interested in championing your own OR Club or Society, or joining an existing one,  please contact Jan in the OR Office. 

Current secretaries & Society Ex Officio Members

Simon D. Armstrong (Cross 1963) – Lancs & Cheshire

The Lancashire and Cheshire group is a purely a social and networking gathering that currently meets once a year. All ORs living in the region are welcome to attend or contact the OR office if they would like to arrange additional informal events.

Anthony Bishop (Priory 1972) - Golf Society

The Golf Society was formed in 1924 and its aims remain the same today as is outset: “To arrange matches and competitions for ALL its members, not merely to collect a representative team for inter-school tournaments, and the longer handicap player will be as welcome as the scratch or plus performer.” 
With over 300 members, ORs have a free subscription until they are 25 with their green fees being subsidised up to the age of 30, it is the only sport that Reptonians can begin at school and still be playing and competing together in 70 years later. It is a true team sport, with friendship at it's heart. Match dates are listed on our events page and all ORs are welcome to come along and support us. Those wishing to join should contact Secretary Tony Bishop by following the link above.

James W Blackwell (Priory 2000) - Pilgrims Cricket

Benjamin D E Dewhirst (New 1996) -Yorkshire

Alex Evans (New 2004) - Football

Football is one of our busiest and best supported groups. Based in London with training and competitive fixtures across all age ranges you can find the most up to date information by following the link above.  

Martin Jones (Cross 1997 & Staff) - Hockey

Nicholas P Le Poidevin (Cross 1964) - Law Society

The Law Group, one of our longstanding business and professional networking groups, is predominately London based and organizes occasional informal gatherings. Please contact the OR office for further information.

​Jamie R Muirhead (Cross 2009) - Tennis Club

Tennis is competitively one of our most successful OR groups. To get involved please contact Jamie by following the link above. Fixtures will be listed on the events page and all ORs are invited to support their team whenever they would like.

Mark R Norton (Mitre 1986) - Masonic Lodge

The Old Reptonian Lodge is a London lodge within the United Grand Lodge of England and one of about 35 member lodges of the Public School Lodges' Council. There are three dinners per year in January, June and September. The September get-together is usually held at Repton and open to wives, partners, and non-masonic guests. Membership is made up of men who are primarily Old Boys, members of Staff (past or present) and those deemed to have a close personal association with the school. There is not currently an Old Reptonian Lodge for ladies, but ladies interested in joining Freemasonry should contact the Order of Women Freemasons in London. Meeting dates can be found on our events page. For further information please contact Mark Norton by following the link above. 

Edward R U Rhodes (New 1995) -Squash


OR Society Contact Details

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The Hall, Repton School,
Repton, Derbyshire DE65 6FH
Tel: 01283 559320 

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E mail: or@repton.org.uk or jcobb@repton.org.uk