Julie reaches 40 years of service in Latham House

Julie reaches 40 years of service in Latham House

Julie Bowler has dedicated 40 years of service to Latham House as Assistant House Chef. The House celebrated this milestone with a presentation to thank Julie for all her dedication and hard work over the years. Current Housemaster, Mr Sam Merlin turned 40 in December of last year and it was just a few months after he was born when Julie started working in the kitchens at Latham- she’s been there ever since! She remains as committed and hard working as ever. 

We asked Julie a number of questions about her 40 years in the House…

How would you sum your job up in three words?

“Friendly, encouraging atmosphere”

What is your favourite meal to cook for the boys?

“I enjoy making breakfast the most, as that is what I have done the most of, and I believe it helps the boys to start their day off well.”

What is it about Latham House you like so much?

“Latham has always provided the atmospherical vibe of family, that I feel very much a part of, for which I am grateful.”

Can you describe a typical day?

“On a typical day, I arrive and greet the cheerful Lee (Head Chef). Then I will begin by preparing the fruit and continental section of the breakfast (they especially love the waffles, pancakes and croissants on offer!) I serve breakfast at 7:45am and following that, at 8:15am we tidy the dining area and clear the kitchen to prepare for lunch. Next, I prepare the vegetables and salads, as well as any condiments. At around 1pm, the food is then ready to be served to the boys. When this is complete, we tidy away, at the end of the day I return home to my husband for a relaxing evening.”

How has the House changed over the 40 years you have worked there?

“During my time at Latham, there have been a great number of changes. Not only have room sizes gone from 22 in a bedroom For example, I have worked alongside a multitude of Housemasters, ranging from Mr John Walker, to the present Mr Sam Merlin. Each Housemaster has brought something new and exciting to the house- staff and pupils alike. As well as this, on a personal scale, the facilities for the kitchen have greatly developed. When I first started, we had basic gas ovens and grills, constantly giving a mid-twentieth century vibe; whereas now, the kitchen has state of the art facilities that are much more up to date; allowing for a much more pleasurable environment to work in, especially for those less youthful kitchen members! I am very grateful for my time at Latham and hope to see the house and school develop even further in the future.” 

Thank you Julie for your incredible 40-year service to Latham House and Repton School as a whole.