House Life

A day in the life of a Reptonian is unashamedly busy but undoubtedly fulfilling. The day begins in full force with breakfast at around 7.45 am for which day pupils join the boarders in their Houses. On Sundays there is a rather more leisurely start to the day with a later breakfast.

Lessons begin at 8.50 am. There are then three periods, followed by Break until 11.30 am, and then a further two periods until 12.55 pm. On Saturdays lessons begin at 8.40 am and end at 12.15 pm. All pupils return to their Houses at 1.00 pm for lunch, the main meal of the day. 

A key aspect of any prospective family’s visit is to join a House for lunch, when the prospective pupil and their parents can sit with pupils and chat to them about life at the School

Our in-House dining system means that staff and visitors sit amongst the pupils and the meal provides a useful opportunity for everyone to catch up on the morning’s events and to pass on notices about the day’s activities. All Houses provide a healthy, balanced menu featuring fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, but at times an excellent Apple Crumble or Treacle Tart is the perfect fuel for an afternoon of sport or co-curricular activities.

Lessons begin again at 2.00 pm and are followed by sports activities on Mondays and Fridays. On Wednesdays pupils take part in a wide variety of different activities: for B Block, a carousel of cultural and technological lessons, and for A Block and above there is Combined Cadet Force (CCF), the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme or the opportunity to volunteer in the local community. There are no lessons on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons: this is when sports practices and fixtures and much of the cultural programme take place.

Tea, a less formal affair than lunch, is taken in the House in the evening. Prep work begins at 7.00 pm and lasts until 9.00 pm, enabling every member of the House to work uninterrupted but with supervision and support from Housemasters and Tutors. Evenings also provide a time to join in with a society session (there are over 25 different societies at Repton – we can guarantee there is something to suit the interests of each individual!), attend a lecture from an outside speaker or go for a jog around the village to clear your mind.

The atmosphere of House spirit permeates throughout Repton. It is this compassion and sense of fellow-feeling that makes one girl help another who might be struggling with Prep – or encourages the senior boy who makes toast for everyone in the Common Room during Break.