Repton has been a significant place in the world for fifteen hundred years. It has been a seat of Anglo-Saxon kings, the capital of Mercia, a burial place of saints, and a place of worship. Our founder Sir John Port gave for the foundation of Repton in his will. This was not a vanity project, but an earnest wish to leave the world a better place as he departed it. Schools such as Repton enjoy a magnificent Heritage because each successive generation has sought to enrich the School and to make it relevant for that age. Reptonians grow to appreciate that our Heritage is ultimately ambitious and forward-looking.

We celebrate this aspect of our past and likewise, we encourage pupils to think just as much about their legacy as their CV. Each House Competition and whole School event we revisit the spirit in which Reptonians have come together over the decades and centuries to give of their best, to be both competitive rivals and to unite as life-long friends. Our cups and trophies, names of buildings and scholarships remind us of those who have gone before, been generous and are now remembered. This is a sustained and active process as current Reptonians engage in an Anthology project to bring together the words of the great Old Reptonians poets and authors who have preceded them.

On our wall of Old Reptonians Notable in Public Life we record those ORs who can be marked as people of interest and some as role models for the current generation. When we gather together in Lists or on Remembrance Sunday, sing Dear Lord and Father of Mankind, run Steep, train for Barnes Squad and Russell Cup and enjoy Sale of Work there is the unmistakeable frisson of something uniquely Reptonian which looks back reverentially at our past and optimistically for our future. Repton’s heritage now spreads across the world with the growing family of schools which allow all Reptonians to enjoy a truly global perspective in their education.

Old Reptonians are kept in contact with each other and the School through the OR Society. The Repton Foundation supports access and opportunity for a Repton education as well as capital projects which secures the heritage of Repton as a great school of the future.