Film Study Day

Film Study Day

The group of nine linguists set off to Birmingham University: eight studying French, three studying Spanish and two studying German. We were greeted by one of the student ambassadors and had a brief introduction to the day with a presentation from one of the professors at the university. 

He told us about film in general and the art of film. We learnt that France played a key part in the development of film and what we know it as today. The first film was filmed in Paris in 1895 underneath a cafe by the Lumière brothers. It was a film of some workers leaving their factory at the end of the day and lasted a total of one minute. It is amazing to think that nowadays films can end up being just under three hours long! That's 180 Lumière films!

My favourite part of the day was the second lecture which looked at films as a whole, and that it is "interdit" to say that a film is "intéressant". We learned all about camera angles and frames of shots. We also discussed "what is a good film to us" and looked at all the different components that add up to make a film. We looked at casting, colours, lighting, the cinematography and a lot of other themes. 

Film is a key part of our lives, so being able to see it, not only in depth, but in a different language is certainly something that will stick with us during our A Level course. I can honestly say that the day will help me when studying films next year for our French A Level as we are all now aware of not only the basics but key, technical terms for films, which will definitely aid our writing and speaking when on the subject of film. 

The new French A Level course requires us to study a film (in a lot of detail) which could be very demanding. We have not yet chosen the film, however after the trip I am sure many people have some ideas as to which film they would like to study.

Amy Corner (L6G)