Frequently Asked Questions

How many pupils are in the school?

There are around 650 pupils at Repton. Nearly 70% of Reptonians are boarders, adding to the school’s family atmosphere.

What is full boarding and what activities can pupils take part in at the weekend?

At Repton, the vast majority of pupils board and stay at school during the weekend. Day pupils are very much a part of house life, staying in school until 9.00 pm to complete prep work and taking part in weekend activities.

As a full boarding school, the weekends are an integral part of our programme and we have a varied range of activities with the vast majority of pupils participating. Being at Repton for the weekend is no different to during the week – there is just a little more time to relax!

On Saturdays after lunch, academic tools are traded for sports equipment and time is devoted to inter-school fixtures. For those who aren’t competing there is always plenty of other cross-curricular activities taking place and all the facilities of the School are open to pupils.
Saturday nights see regular social events, ranging from discos with professional DJs and the ever-popular photobooth to more formal occasions that allow pupils to don their very best attire and dine in style. The Common Room is open for the whole of the Sixth Form to socialise together, and there are also House events, such as cooking classes, competitions and themed nights.

Sundays allow time for pupils to relax and there is always an organised trip to consider – the Sunday Leisure Option (SLOPs) – favourites include paintballing, shopping, cinema trips, clay pigeon shooting, go-karting, indoor climbing and a host of on-site activities such as rounders and barbecues.

How many exeats are there per term? 

We have two exeats in Michaelmas term and pupils also benefit from three PWs (Privilege Weekends) per term to enjoy time outside the school environment and spend quality time with family and friends.

How often can parents visit?

Parents are always welcome to visit Repton – there is a huge variety of concerts, exhibitions, plays, recitals, fundraising events and sports fixtures for them to enjoy. We love to see parents cheering on their children at the side of the pitch or watching them strut their stuff at our biannual fashion show.

How do you look after pupils’ wellbeing?

A characteristic often mentioned by visitors to the School is how friendly and open our pupils are.
The Head of House and House Prefects act as mentors and confidantes to younger pupils and a Housemaster or Housemistress, House Tutors, the Chaplain, the Deputy Head Pastoral, and the Senior Tutor are all available to listen and advise.

The Matron of each House is a constant source of support and pastoral care and is on hand 24 hours a day to care for the pupils’ welfare and practical needs.  Pupils also have access to the School Counsellor and Medical Centre staff. 

How do we apply?

Your first point of contact at Repton is with the Registrar, Miss Jane Shone, and she will be able to answer all your admissions related questions. Please also check our Admissions section of this website.

All pupils joining Repton at 13+ will normally take Common Entrance examinations in the June prior to entry. For those children not at prep schools, we have our own 13+ Entrance papers. Candidates are examined in Mathematics, English and Science and examinations are usually held late in the Michaelmas Term prior to entry.
Entry to the Sixth Form is subject to a minimum requirement of 5 B grades at GCSE. Candidates must achieve at least a B grade at GCSE in a subject to be studied at A Level, and an A grade in the case of Mathematics, any Science or a Modern Foreign Language. Applicants will take our Sixth Form entry examinations, either at Scholarship or General entry level, and three 45-minute papers in subjects to be studied at A level.