Class of 2017 Leaver profile: James Sookias

Class of 2017 Leaver profile: James Sookias

After an inspirational Speech Day and joyous Leavers’ Ball, Repton waved goodbye to the 2017 leavers and we wish them luck for when they receive their results on 17th August and in all their future endeavours.
We catch up with our 2016-17 Head of School, James Sookias (S) as he reveals his plans for the future.

What is your dream job? 

Something in the world of Law. I would love to be the lawyer for a football or cricket team so that I can mix my job with my passion for sport.

What are you doing this Autumn?

 I will be off to university to study Law. Autumn will be full of playing hockey, lectures and enjoying starting a new chapter in my life after 15 years of Repton and Foremarke.

What is the biggest challenge facing your generation?

Living in a world with so much political uncertainty and tackling terrorism – not only at home but all around the world. The growing speed of technology means news travels so fast that world leaders have to make snap decisions on the condition of unstable situations in the world, making the threat of war arguably higher than before.


Do you have a role model and if so who is it and why?

Justin Trudeau. He really is a beacon of hope in world politics at the moment. He seems to be a genuinely down to earth kind of guy and is unbelievably clever too!

What are you most passionate about?

A sport called 'Fives'. It is played on a stone court which is modelled on the back of a chapel and you play with a cork ball and your hands. It is my favourite pastime. Hopefully it can be continued at Repton for many years to come as it has great tradition as well as being so much fun!