Athletic Development Programme

Our Athletic Development Programme is now an established method of delivering the fundamental skills required in all sports that are beyond those coached during game play. 

Our carefully structured programme ensures a high proportion of our young student athletes receive specific and high class support with their Athlete Development. Specialists deliver on site at Repton three days per week to ensure a fully integrated approach and allowing our young performers to develop athletically directly alongside their main sports, regardless of what their sport may be.

Following the well documented Long Term Athlete Development model, our younger performers get the chance to develop mobility, power, strength and speed with the Perform team. As they reach the more senior teams and a higher level of performance, a greater volume of Strength and Conditioning is integrated in line with their natural physical development. The addition of a dedicated Strength and Conditioning Suite to our Sports Centre in the next 12 months will further enhance our provision.

In addition to this we are able to offer rehabilitation to injured athletes, ranging from those undergoing growth related issues through to those who have major surgery. To compliment, we also run a physiotherapy clinic on site where our pupils can access further support and guidance. Referrals for this can be made by the department or by our school medical team.